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Lee YongyongBuyer

You have traffic on these geos?
contact me now
skype: yonglee_18
wechat: yongyong_1020

- On time payment
- Updated offers

Lets make more money together!

Lee YongyongBuyer

Calling for all Media Buyer & Google traffic

Axora Media is having In house offers!!
Besides, we do work with our value advertiser to get the Direct offer with exclusive Payout!

Contact me now!
Skype: yonglee_18 & adriel_353

Show us your traffic and we can show you the money shortly!

Lee YongyongBuyer

Hey there,

we are calling for ID (XL) quality traffic to launch our in house offers, should you be interested please reach me @skype (yonglee_18)

Lee YongyongSeller

calling for all converting traffic

GH(Vodfone) - 0.30$
ID (XL) - 0.28$
MY(Celcom) - 1.80$
GR (Cosmote/Vodafone)- 3$
Lets discuss on Skype: yonglee_18

Lee YongyongBuyer

Hi all, we are looking for quality that can run CPL offers

please add me or drop me your skype to get further details

Skype= yonglee_18

Bevy LimBuyer

Since Halloween is around the corner, Axora Media has obtained several direct CPA offers from our trusted advertisers and over the weekend, these offers have been tested and ran with our affiliates to much success! Now we are opening the offers to the public!
So join us and lets earn together!

Do contact me if you look for WW CPA offers in various vertical. :)

Contact me at skype : bevy_41
E-mail :

Lee YongyongBuyer

We are recruiting more quality desktop traffic to join us!

Top Geos: US UK IN MY CA

We have various of Browser Extension for Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc... that targeting All Geos!
Conversion Rate- 0.5-1.9%
Payout- 0.07$ to 1.2$ depending on geo.

Feel free to drop your contact here and i will add you over

or you may reach me on skype: yonglee_18

Adriel BoudvilleBuyer

Axora Media's Hit The Highest Payout is currently LIVE!

Run our TOP direct and exclusive converting offers NOW for these specific GEOS which are Azerbaijan, Greece, Kenya, Portugal , South Africa and Turkey and EARN EXTRA BONUSES when you Hit the Payout threshold!

To Sign Up and Join in on the party, click here

If you need more info, kindly contact me at : live:adriel_353

By the way we also have direct and in-house CPA and CPL offers for WW GEOs so you can run that too if you arent up for a challenge! :p

Lee YongyongBuyer

How do you deal with your Remnant Traffic?
- wait for ppl to buy
- leave it?

you could utilise your remnant traffic
I have a lucrative proposal for you, earn extra and hit a greater sales target!
Find me for more!

skype: yonglee_18

Lee YongyongBuyer

Hi Folks,

Axora media have over 2000+ of CPA CPL converting offers with high Payout and CR, besides we provide fexible payment and program to all the publisher.

- $100 Paypal on Net 15 basis
- Dedicated BD & AM Team

If you have quality traffic, do reach me on skype: yonglee_18


Lee YongyongBuyer

Hey Guys! Good day

Please have a try of our top offers of the week, you don't want to miss it!

we ensure fast response and approval of account & offers

High CR & Payout!!

Reach us on skype: yonglee_18 & Adriel_353

Lee YongyongBuyer

Hi there, we do WW exclusive CPA, CPL and CPI offers with high payout and CR !

Last but not least, we do desktop extension offers as well!

reach me on skype for more: yonglee_18

Bevy LimSeller

Hi everyone. I'm looking for in-house CPI offers (any vertical). If you are CPI offers developers, please add me on Skype.

Axora MediaBuyer

Our network offers you the worldwide campaign with the best payout for our publisher. Our team promises to monetize with your traffic, the more traffic the best for you and me!

Are you a publisher looking for a CPA & APK dll offers that will actually help you to boost up profit? We’re inviting all publisher to join us! Ping me, I’ll get ready the offer preview to show you!
Skype: ljlee_13

Step into Axora, the trustworthy affiliate network

And click here to watch our new launch promoting video -->

Lee YongyongBuyer

Interested in working with In-house offer?
Drop me your email and I will send the In-House Offers over!

*Only Postpayment!
*Media buyer traffics are highly appreciated!

Skype: yonglee_18