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Crispy Media Ads
Team CrispySeller

Dear All,

After one year of work in Tech support call marketing, we are proud to present our new campeign:

Just 1 USD per US and Canada calls (ask us for other countries)

That is only a 10 days promotion until september.

We will guarantee our qality and full refund in case of not happy customers.

Ping us in skype to know more about our one of a kind promotion.

(Maximum Calls we can generate for all of our clients is about 500 calls daily and this is our limition sp hurry up)


Team CrispyBuyer

Dear Ad Networks,

We need a good volume of pop under/up Traffic worldwide only for internet explorer. We require good quality and convertible traffic. We're looking for ad networks who can supply us with this and be our partners.

Please ping me on skype:

Team CrispySeller

Dear Ad Networks,

We serve a Large amount of Adult, and Mainstream CPM based popunders with complete targeting options such as niche, ad-block, etc.

- We serve mobile and desktop popunders.
- We provide from almost all Geos.
- We supply from all niches.

Contact us to reach a deal: