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Banana Leads, LLC
Banana Leads, LLC Ads
Jaydeepsinh VaghelaSeller

I am looking for buyers of:

1. Auto insurance long forms with all fields.
2. Payday short forms with Full Name, Phone, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, IP and date

Skype me to discuss more.

Skype: jaydeepsinhvaghela

Jaydeepsinh VaghelaSeller

Hi, Reach out to me on Skype if you are looking for:

1. Aged Payday Phone data for SMS'ing
2. Medicare aged leads with jornaya and without jornaya tokens
3. Auto Insurance data

Reach out to me on Skype: jaydeepsinhvaghela

Jaydeepsinh VaghelaBuyer

Hi, I am looking for affiliates who can run our mortgage offer.

Jaydeepsinh VaghelaBuyer

Looking for affiliates who can generated leads in mortgage vertical by email, search or display.

If you already generate mortgage leads and looking for buyer.

If you are looking to monetize your data for mortgage offers, reach out to me.

Skype: jaydeepsinhvaghela

Jaydeepsinh VaghelaSeller

Aged Leads & Data available for Call Centers & resellers. Connect with me with your requirements in below verticals.

Final Expense
Auto Insurance
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Payday Loans

PM me or reach me on

Jaydeepsinh VaghelaSeller

Hi All, We are generating debt calls

1. Raw Calls
2. Call with buffer of 60 to 120 seconds
3. Calls with IVR and buffer of 90 seconds
4. Pre-qualified Live Call Transfers

Reach out to me on