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EZmob Ads
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* Access to over 3B daily impressions
* Self-serve dashboard or managed account (you choose)
* We support ad types: Banner, JS tags, pop-under, overlays and more
* Target according to OS, Country, Connection, Browser, Carrier and much more.
* Remove publishers and placements that don't work for you.

If you're interested, register an account @, or contact us at or skype idan.kfir

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Premium Adult Traffic for sale

* Self-Serve Dashboard for advertisers
* Carrier targeting
* Detailed reports

Banners allowed: Image, JS Tags, Pop-Under or skype

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Selling global Mobile and Desktop Traffic on CPM, CPC and CPV to all Verticals and all GEOs .

Easily scale your campaigns and reach your daily KPIs.

- Visit
- Register as advertiser
- Ping your account manager thru the in-dashboard chat and start today! / skype

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We are specialized in display desktop and mobile web/in-app/native advertising on a CPM and CPC basis, offering brandsafe supply from over 60 countries with over 3B daily impressions.

- Self-Serve Dashboard
- CPM / CPC Traffic
- Over 3B Daily Impression
- Dedicated account manager

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Minimum bid $0.5 CPM

Over 3B daily impressions to be sold

Targeting per country, os, carrier and much more.

Can run JS tags, image banners, pop under

Register an advertiser account thru the link below and ping us through the dashboard chat.

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- Self-serve dashboard and / or dedicated account manager
- 3B impressions a day
- Mobile display, pops, custom ad units, and more!
- Targeting capabilities include (OS, Country, Carrier, Device, browser, connection type, placement and more),
- Competitive CPMs and CPC rates
- Prepaid basis with 48 out-clause and refund of unspent funds.


EZmob is now doing popunders!! If you are looking to traffic for your campaigns, EZmob is a one-stop-shop for it, Text/Image/JS/Popunders, we got what you need.
Get started in no time!

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Looking for quality traffic in South Africa?


320x50 Banners

- Adult / Gambling
- JS Tags
- Self-serve dashboard / Managed

Register an advertiser account and ping your account manager through the in-dashboard chat.

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10M impressions a day
320x50 banner (can do JS tags)
High quality traffic which converts well for mobile content, adult, surveys, pin submit and SOI offers.

CPM only - minimum bid is $0.50

register as advertiser at

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Easy Mob has launched a new offers-centered affiliate network. Find direct / exclusive and high paying offers from all verticals including gambling, finance, entertainment, travel and many more.

Affiliate Register:

Advertisers Register:

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320x50 Banner inventory available

$0.20-$0.50 starting prices

Self-serve dashboard

Register an advertiser account at

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- Over 100MM Unique Impressions / month
- CPM Deals Only
- Formats available : Video / Pop / Banners

contact us today or skype idan.kfir

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Easy mob is a mobile ad network focused on improved engagement through mobile and desktop.

* Self-Serve Dashboard
* Premium Traffic
* Strong engaging ads on mobile and desktop.

Optimization is available through reports by SubID, OS, GEO, device type, connection type and more, allowing you to generate ROI from the start.

Please contact us or register at to get started.

CPM / CPC only.

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Paying a high CPA for incentive deposits / CPA in various countries.

Deposits must over $20 to count as CPA