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VortexAds Ads
Ivan StebnytskyiSeller

Our main traffic source is Facebook Ads. In addition we have Google Ads traffic as well. Other sources include display, email traffic. We are looking for E-Commerce/Gaming/Dating/Financial offers.
Add me at skype to learn more about our abilities -


Hi there guys!

My name is Carlos from

I am searching affiliates ready to run CPL/CPA SOI-DOI offers for our main verticals.

We are specialized in:

Mainstream Dating (PO from 7-12usd)
Adult Dating (PO from 3.2-6usd)
Games (PO from 1-8usd)
Loans up to 25usd.

Hit me up on skype


Cheers! :)


Hello everyone!

At VortexAds we are looking for HQ traffic on CPL/CPA/CPS flow.
Main verticals include: Dating (both Mainstream & Adult) and Gaming. (and we are expanding the field of our expertise)

What we offer is:
Weekly payments;
Advanced Smart Link;
High payouts;
Long-term partnership.
Personal support.

Hit me up on skype to get further details :)



Hello everyone,

We have all kinds of traffic for your offers. All our traffic is forensiq valid. We offer the following types of traffic Mainstream, Adult, Desktop and Mobile.

Contact us via skype: pgemshangout