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AdMetix Ads
Daniel ZanzuriBuyer

Hey all,
I'm looking for WW traffic for our campaigns
lets do business together
ping me on Skype : daniel.zanzuri94
Or via Email :

Daniel ZanzuriBuyer

I am looking for traffic for our CPI campaigns.
Our top GEO's are tire1, English speakers, and Western Europe, Asia and Arab countries.

Verticals : gaming, shopping, traveling, utilities, installers and extensions.

Skype – live:Daniel.zanzuri94

Best regards,

Sam WahabBuyer

Looking for CPI Mobile traffic, I have all verticals offers and all GEOs.

If you have Fraud traffic, save your time and and dont waste it on me.


Sam WahabBuyer

I am looking for new supply partners to join us, I have DIRECT CPI Campaigns.

Verticals: E-commerce, In-Apps (games, shopping, traveling) and exclusive extensions.

GEOs: World Wide but my main huge campaigns are Tier1 and Far East ASIA.

I work S2S via links / Smart Links and API integrations.

Contact me by Skype - live:samsthemail

Sam WahabBuyer

Hi Guys,

I am looking for for traffic for our CPI, CPL and CPA campaigns.

If you have quality, ping me on Skype - Live:samsthemail


Sam WahabBuyer

Hi All,

I work s2s via links/API integration.
Looking to buy mobile/display traffic for my CPI, CPL and CPA direct and semi direct campaigns.

Feel free to contact me via Skype Live:samsthemail.


Sam WahabSeller

I am looking for For direct demand in the financial area (Bitcoin, Crypto, Investments, Forex etc).

You are more than welcome to add me on Skype - live:samsthemail

Sam WahabBuyer

I am interested in buying display traffic.

I can work S2S via links/ API with over 500 direct advertisers and 3,500 campaigns including CPI, CPL and CPA offers, relevant for Mobile & Desktop traffic from all kind of verticals.

My skype- live:samsthemail

Looking forward hearing back from you,