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ICOanimals Affiliate Network
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ICOanimals Affiliate Network Ads
Buyer - the first network for ICO and token sales. We are working on bringing the best cryptocurrency offers to our network on board.

If you are a publisher working in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, ICOanimals is the perfect way to monetize your content while serving your audience with relevant native advertising.

Why should you become an ICOanimals partner?

It’s free to join, easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge
Standard payouts between 10-30%, up to 60% for super affiliates
We will provide high converting creatives, specific ad formats on request
The first blockchain affiliate network with postback support for real performance marketing
Accept all GEOs
Timely payouts. We make payments in fiat currencies, bitcoin or tokens (depends on the offer)

Feel free to contact us:
Skype: nadezhda_melnik
Telegram: @NadyaAM


Gizer is a real-time platform providing Gamers, Hosts, and Services opportunity.

What’s in it for you?
- Earn 20% commission when a user you refer to Gizer makes a purchase.
- High converting creatives in a large amount of ad formats with new content weekly.
- We accept all GEO’s - no limitations.
- Payout in GZR tokens.
- Price 1000 GZR per 1 ETH

Gizer offer is active in the ICOanimals affiliate network - Still don't have an account with us, register here and get access to our exclusive offers.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions:
Skype: nadezhda_melnik
Telegram: @NadyaAM


Opporty is a business relationships ecosystem, featuring a Proof-of-Expertise protocol and a B2B platform for business transactions. Opporty will achieve this by creating a platform for businesses and individual service providers to buy and sell services, and to educate the community by contributing content.

Why Should You Promote the Opporty Offer?

- A fixed 20% payout on every user’s contribution
- Generous bonus structure that encourages larger contributions
- Immediate and accurate payouts, based on results
- Payouts in ETH, USD, OPP, or any other preferred currency
- Professional support team available 24/7

The offer is active in ICOanimals network. If you still don't have an account in ICOanimals network, you can register here

Contact details:
Skype: nadezhda_melnik
Telegram: @NadyaAM


Grondigital - gambling and betting open platform built on the blockchain - is looking for traffic.

What is in it for you?
- Your reward is 20% of tokens bought by your referrals.
- Payout in GRO tokens.
- High converting creatives for you to get started immediately.
- Accept all GEOs.

You can find more information on the project here:

The offer is active now in ICOanimals network. Sign up and grab your tracking link and start promoting Grondigital.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
Skype: nadezhda_melnik
Telegram: @NadyaAM