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Moongo Ads
Joe ArcherSeller

we specialize in genrating huge amount of traffic ww.
our network has around 180m monthly impressions.
and growing.

we wotk on pre payment,
but can run according to CPL, CPA (depends on the offer and market), CPM or CPC.

we support any form of tracking - postback, API (preferable), or others.

Mark LorenSeller

Moongo is a company specializing in online advertising solutions and has vast experience in delivering quality traffic mass.

Among Moongo’s software assets is an in-house developed platform, comprised of a set of genuine tools, generating large volumes of live traffic of different mediums such as pop-ups, email campaigns and re-targeting campaigns.

Over the past years, we gradually built our base, by collecting tremendous volumes of search / pops related to various industries, which work in the favor of our customers, running campaigns of similar nature to yours. With these we have supported our customers in launching and running nearly 200 successful campaigns.
Our Platform also caters for dynamic landing pages