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Traffic Types: XML/Search, Intext, Interyield (tab-overs & pop-unders) and Native Ad Units.

Keyword = $.03 to .15
RON = $.008 to $.05

Top GEO's: US, CA, UK, AU, IT, FR, DE, BR, RU, MX, NO, FI, MY, and more!

Advertiser Types: Brands, Networks, Agencies, Affiliates

Goals: Metric based and Conversion based

Minimum Deposit: $1,000 and receive a 10% bonus on any amount up to $10,000. If it is not working you can always refund the remaining balance you deposited.

Service: I can handle all of the setup and optimization, you can handle it yourself, or we can work together :)

Message me for more details!

Thank you,

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Conversion offers & audience development are both performing well!

Message me to find out more!

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I would love to discuss our new ad units that are working great for monetization in Toolbars, applications, downloads, extensions, websites, etc…

We are seeing great revenue for other website owners and content partners. I believe you will benefit from our new ad units as well. I would love to explore how we can benefit from working together. 


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