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Camelog - Ad Verification Platform
Camelog - Ad Verification Platform Ads
Mati KurlandSeller

We are proud to announce that we officially lunched the best ad validation tool for your CPI-CPA campaigns - Camelog.
With around 95% accuracy and up to 4 times faster then others, Camelog will answer all your needs.

For a limited time only, we lunched 50% on our pricing plan! You can see the pricing (after the discount) here:

For more details feel free to email me at or Skype: Mati.kurland

Enjoy! :)

Mati KurlandSeller

Are you using any ad verification tools to check your CPI/CPA campaigns?
Camelog Ad Verification platform are here to save up to 25-35% of your budget and increase your relevance with other networks and marketers.
We are now offering a free trial, sign up now!

Skype: live:support_53260