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Steliyan Ivanov from Mybestclick Ltd is here and I am looking for high-quality CPA / CPI / CPL mobile traffic sources for our Android and iOS direct apps and games!

Write me ONLY if you do provide traffic but not offers!
Thank you!

Skype: stleiyan.mybestclick

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We can offer you on our DSP platform :
- #Banners - 2nd bid price auction
-Transparent relationships & advanced targeting
- Small test amount ($100)
- Pop under and banner traffic on CPM
- 300 MM daily impressions worldwide
- conversion tracking
- optimization by subid and domain
- carrier targeting
- IP range targets
- budget cap & Frequency capping
..and etc..

If you have a need of quality traffic - please contact with me - tanya@mybestclick.net

Thank you,
Tanya Dimitrova
Mybestclick team

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Flow: Order (click on the "Order button" --> Fill : Name; Address; e-mail; phone number --> click "Order" ---> pixel fire ) - vertical : beauty / Payouts per order : $ 8.00 - $16.00 ***depend of the offer .

-No carrier targets!
-No hide conditions!

Leave comment below!


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Hey... do you wanna be a part of us? We are looking for Publishers who can run our CPA / CPI mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have many great offers. Let's discuss opportunities to work together and to begin to make money. Mybestclick Ltd. just has solutions for everything. I will give you a chance to convince me of the quality of your traffic.

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Mybestclick LTD can offer you :

- RTB DSP platform
- Bid based platform / self served
- Pop and banner traffic on CPM
- Worldwide volumes
- Direct link / JS tags / smartlink
- min deposit only $100
- Fast & easy integration
- worldwide traffic available
If you have an interest to buy our traffic, please drop me a line on skype: tanyadimitrova032

Thank you! :)

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Looking for HIgh Quality traffic. Publishers needed for CPI / CPA gampaigns. Our trusted partners are going up all the time
Hit me up we got a lot of direct offers.
Skype ID : live:41ed0a9ea0032093

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Hi guys,
I am looking for CPI mobile traffic sources for our apps and games. Mybestclick has awesome payouts and many direct offers but for quality traffic only.

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Mybestclick LTD. is looking for quality mobile traffic sources.
We are working on CPA/CPI basis and accept Android & iOS - Incent and NONIncent installs to our apps.

We are working on NET 30 payment terms , like we final the numbers on 15th month each month for the previous and send the payments not later than 2 number each month for the month back.

If you need TOP converting apps, special payouts and payments on-time - CHOOSE US!

Tanya Dimitrova
Publisher Account Manager
skype: tanyadimitrova032

Bulgaria , Pazardzhik , str. Milio Voivoda 5

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Hello guys... Mybestclick Ltd. is looking for video pre-roll mobile traffic. Feel free to write me if you do provide.

skype: steliyan.mybestclick