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Tanya DimitrovaBuyer


We are looking for traffic sources to join to our smartlinks / or/& CPA/CPL campaigns.

- Direct offers
- Easy flow (1,2 click - SOI / DOI )
- We offer CC submit campaigns as well

- High CR for the right target traffic and real conversions!


We offer different categories and high PO's!

Steliyan IvanovBuyer

Hi guys, Mybestclick Ltd is currently looking to buy Push Traffic Sources, integrated through XML feed on CPC basis. For more details feel free to find me on skype: steliyan.mybestclick

NO PREPAY, please!

Steliyan IvanovBuyer

Hey... do you wanna be a part of us? We are looking for Publishers who can run our CPA / CPI mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have many great offers. Let's discuss opportunities to work together and to begin to make money. Mybestclick Ltd. just has solutions for everything. I will give you a chance to convince me of the quality of your traffic.

Nikolay GeorgievBuyer

Looking for HIgh Quality traffic. Publishers needed for CPI / CPA gampaigns. Our trusted partners are going up all the time
Hit me up we got a lot of direct offers.
Skype ID : live:41ed0a9ea0032093

Steliyan IvanovBuyer


Steliyan Ivanov from Mybestclick Ltd is here and I am looking for high-quality CPA / CPL mobile traffic sources for our Android and iOS direct apps and games!

Write me ONLY if you do provide traffic but not offers!
Thank you!

Skype: stleiyan.mybestclick

Steliyan IvanovBuyer

Looking for XML traffic on:

- Injection
- Domain Redirect
- Adult Pop
- Mainstream Pop
- Aggressive

SKYPE: steliyan.mybestclick

Tanya DimitrovaBuyer

Hello Guys,

We have direct campaigns with great CR and Payouts!
NET 30 payment terms !

๐Ÿš€ Easy flow
๐Ÿš€ High CR
๐Ÿš€CPA - FTD :$10 or 10 EURO / CPL - Single opt. filling details
๐Ÿš€ TIP: works best with : facebook, native, email, SEO traffic

*P.S. we have HOT smartlinks too - adult and mainstream! Ping me for more details - NET 15 payment terms!

Tanya DimitrovaSeller

Hello everyone,

We are looking for direct Advertisers to join to our new self-served platform.

Statistic :
10 billion page views per month
20 thousand conversions and leads over the past month
1000 active monthly advertising campaigns

We offer for advertisers:

-site optimization system and protection against bots and other types of fraud; 20 different filters will protect you;
-own uniquely crafted platform to let you achieve the ideal conditions for productive/ successful and campaigns with well-defined targeting;
-experienced managers constantly attract the cooperation of new publishers;
-12 types of targeted traffic;

If you have interested to test our traffic we have only min $100 deposit and the sum is refundable.

Thank you,

Steliyan IvanovBuyer

Hello guys,
We are looking to buy push traffic via xml feed. If you wanna be a part of our top level publishers and if you wanna generate awesome revenue with excellent bids - you are on the right place.

Feel free to contact me via skype: steliyan.mybestclick

Steliyan IvanovBuyer

Hi guys,
I am looking for CPI mobile traffic sources for our apps and games. Mybestclick has awesome payouts and many direct offers but for quality traffic only.

Steliyan IvanovBuyer

Hi all, I am looking for xml or direct link traffic. Ping me on skype: steliyan.mybestclick

Nikolay GeorgievSeller

We are looking to promote our semi direct offers on CPI and CPA basis. Will leave the login details and a link to our platform so you can have a look and see yourself:
NET 30
User : demo / pass : demo123

My skype ID : live:41ed0a9ea0032093

Best regards

Nikolay GeorgievBuyer

Currently looking for this desktop campaign

If you have it live and with a decent budget, contact me so we get the best out of it

Skype : live:41ed0a9ea0032093
e-mail :

Steliyan IvanovBuyer

Hi guys, Mybestclick is looking for new partners. If you have great and high quality pop traffic inventory - feel free to contact me. Let's make money together.

NO PREPAY, please!

SKYPE: steliyan.mybestclick

Nikolay GeorgievSeller

Looking for Final Fantasy android offer for US

Gen in touch if you have it live

Skype : live:41ed0a9ea0032093
e-mail :


Nikolay GeorgievBuyer

Hello guys

Here at MYBESTCLICK we have many offers and they could be very beneficial to your type of traffic.
Have a look at our list and let me know when you find a match.
User : demo / pass : demo123

e-mail -
NET 30 !