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Blackfox Performance Inc. Ads
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We are looking for DIRECT ADVERTISERS for pin submit offers for both incent & non-incent traffic!

Only direct advertisers please!

My Skype ID - live:dario_3345

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Hello - hope you are doing well.

Looking for new publishers/networks to run our own Nutra campaigns(muscle/male enhance/ and pet trials) - trial & straight sale campaigns!

Add me on Skype for more details - live:dario_3345


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Looking for direct traffic on CPA/CPI basis for our direct and exclusive campaigns.

We operate in following verticals:
- Mobile CPI(incent & non-incent)
- Email & Zip Submits
- Health & Fitness
- Dating/Adult
- Biz Opp
- Insurance
- Mobile Content

Feel free to send me a private message If interested!

Contact details:
- Skype: live:dario_3345
- Email: dario@mcom.io

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we are looking for traffic to our smartlink on CPA/CPI basis!

We can accept almost all kinds of traffic including adult and incent traffic.

Let us help you to monetize your remnant traffic!

Ping me on Skype for more details - live:dario_3345

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Hello Members of Mymediads.
This is Jay,
COO at Blackfox Inc

We recently just had a huge amount of capital injected and looking to scale our business operations.
With that being said we are looking for remote affiliate managers and business developers.

Very competitive salary.

Your responsibilities will include but not limited to
- Recruitment of publishers
- Management of affiliates
- Optimization, and all needed to help our partner scale if its more cap or higher payout.

anyone interested,
please email me your CV at

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Hey Guys,

ATM we are looking for additional support from someone who is expereinced with tracking platforms like Hasoffers,cake,afftrack,voluume etc

What you need to do is setup tracking for new advertisers, test offers, make sure eveyrthing that is being added is active and working.
pause/add offers daily
help people with anything related to offers.

if you have expereince then email me


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Hello ,

I need traffic for our exclusive offers - mobile subscription offers - SWEEPS for A LOT OF GEOS .

CPA Only .

NL , PL , PT , Greece - Prefered .

Skype- trancelistner

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We have got some great edu CPL offers direct that are doing quite well here at Blackfox with EPC higher than $5.
Please let me know if you have EDU traffic for the US.
skype: Jay_vr

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Who is looking for Pokémon GO cap, well today is your lucky day,
we have got pokemon GO pin subs and CPL offers available.
So catch em all while you can.

hit me up on skype for more details.
skype: Jay_vr

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we are looking for traffic for our direct mobile content offers,
pins, mo flow, 1 click no matter the geo, we have got it all.
so if you want to run the best pin submit offers direct then contact me on skype

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we are looking for traffic on CPA/CPI/CPS/CPL basis. for our direct and exclusive mobile and desktop offers in almost all verticals.
we even own a few health offers with cap available along with a few android apps,
Hit me up for more details.

Contact me
Skype: Jay_vr

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Blackfox has just added a bunch of gaming offers for both desktop and mobile traffic.
So If you are looking for direct games whether its league of angels 2 , Wizard101 or Sparta for your quality traffic then i have got you covered,
just hit me up on skype and lets get the ball rolling.
Skype: Jay_vr

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Looking for CPC in-app traffic for IOS only for now .

Good rates and unlimited budgets .


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CPA basis , all major Geos and verticals .

Skype - trancelistner

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Hey ,

Need email traffic on CPA / CPS for voucher/sweeps offers for UK . Possible to create you any custom offer for any supermarket chain from UK .

Payouts 10.5$ , CPA / CPS only .

The offers are Pin Submits .

Skype - trancelistner

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Hey guys ,

We recently launched a solar offer for USA .

State targeted .

Payouts depend on the state you choose .

Hit me up .


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Converts on installation. No Incentive traffic