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Affiliatica Ads
Vicky MillerBuyer

Affiliatica company has huge demand for high-quality banner, native, push, video traffic.
We can buy banner, native and push traffic via Endpoints,
Buy banner traffic via JS Tags,
Buy Video traffic via VAST
Mainstream and adult, Worldwide.
Payment terms - net-45
If you are interested - please ping me on Skype - live:support_41025
Or via email -

Jess AffiliaticaBuyer

Hey guys :)

We are interested in buying video inventory on CPM basis via VAST/VPAID tags.
We use Adtelligent ex Vertamedia as our main adserver and work with desktop, mobile web/in-app and CTV inventory across English-speaking countries.

Reach out to me, I'll be glad to have a chat :)