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Alpha InfoLab Pvt. Ltd. Ads
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Hello all,

Looking for good payout campaigns for All Geo's..
All verticals...

We have good traffic for GCC, South Africa
Brazil, Portugal, Latam
United Kingdom

Looking for CPC offers all verticals.

Skype:- live:nobal.sitlani
email :- ng@alphainfolab.com

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I am interested in buying fresh email DB for Tier1 and Nordics countries. Please note we only work on the Rev-share basis.

Contact me only if you have valid and recently sourced data.

Skype- salonialpha
Email- sb@alphainfolab.com

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I am looking for Direct advertisers or affiliates to collaborate.
I have Great high quality traffic for all the geos
Ping Me:
Skype: sj.alpha123
Email: sj.alphainfolab@gmail.com



Hello Members,
Looking for desktop traffic to run CPL & CPA offers for Nordic ,GCC & Tier1. Contact me via mail : sinchan.clickcabin@gmail.com. | No prepayment please...


Hello guys,
We are buying traffic to run our offers for gambling and forex/binary with good payouts for GCC/Nordic/Tier1 countries. If you have, then contact me through mail & skype.

mail : sinchan.clickcabin@gmail.com
skype : sinchan.alpha


We have live leads available for binary/forex/casino.

HUGE Amounts of High Quality Unique Databases available.
Share you offer at sinchan.clickcabin@gmail.com


Hello folks,

I'm looking for non-incent desktop offers on CPL/CPC basis for Nordics/GCC & Tier1. We have HQ traffic available for these geo's. Share you offer at sinchan.clickcabin@gmail.com


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Looking for Traffic on CPA, CPL basis.
Direct Brands offers with good payout.
All Nordics Countries, GCC, AU, UK, US.

Payment term will be Net15, No Prepay.

We have good offers, with good payout.

Lets Talk!!!

Skype :- live:nobal.sitlani
Email :- ng@alphainfolab.com

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Hello there,
We are looking some good quality traffic for our CPL offers.
We have various campaigns of forex, binary, casino, gambling vertical with good payouts.

Frequent payment terms(NET 7, NET 15)

Get back to me for further details..
skype: aayushi.alpha

Aayushi Neema

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Hello All,
we are affiliate network focusing mainly on CPL model, I have lots of High payout CPL offers for UK,US,CA,AU
feel free to contact me on my below details:

Skype: Sj.alpha123
Email: sj.alphainfolab@gmail.com

so, if you are looking to involve in a never ending long term business with an affiliate network, your most welcome.

Thanks In Advance

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Hey There,
I have great converting campaigns to share with you.. for almost all the Geos
If you have traffic for Casino, Forex, Binary,Gaming...
I may be the right person to Ping.

Looking forward for further discussion
Skype Me: sj.alpha123
Mail Me: sj@alphainfolab.com

PS: I Have great Email Campaigns :)

Have a Nice Day!!!

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Monetize your traffic with our new successful strategy on Forex/Binary and Gaming offers with the best targeting countries i.e GCC and Nordic countries. Ping me for more info.

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Hello Guys,
If you are serious and confident about your HQ traffic. I have something Good for you. Ping me right now on Skype - ravi.joshi_alpha


We always looking for new potential partnerships and cooperation’s on different kinds of business models.
We are working for CPC, CPL campaigns and use traffic from different source for WW GEO.
We have email & display traffic both for Forex, Binary, Casino, Education, Entertainment, Insurance and many more.

Our Advantages:
- traffic from direct publishers ONLY ( if requested).

- 50 geos covered

- Work on NET Terms

Please contact me on skype - surbhi.alpha or mail me on surbhi.clickcabin@gmail.com.


Surbhi Patidar



I am Smita Gupta. I am looking for Campaigns with good payout for almost all Geo's.

Please contact me via Skype or E-mail

Skype: smita.alphainfolab
E-mail: sjg@alphainfolab.com


Hi Guys,

Looking for Great payout Converting campaign for RU & GCC Countries for Forex & Binary.

Please contact me on Skype - surbhi.alpha or mail me on surbhi.clickcabin@gmail.com.

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Hello Everyone,
Are you looking for high quality traffic? We can help you with the same.
We have huge amount of traffic on CPL and CPC basis for almost all major geos. Preferred verticals are forex/Binary.

If you are interested, please ping me on skype.
My skype id: aayushi.alpha
Email id: aayushi.clickcabin@gmail.com

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I am direct email publisher looking for email offers. we have good data for European countries.can you help me regarding this ?

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Hello Guys,
We have great offers of Casino Gambling and Forex/Binary for GCC and Nordic Countries. If you have traffic then ping me.

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Hi All,
We have lots of campaigns about Forex/Binary and Gambling with good payouts. We are looking for publishers who can efficiently run this campaigns in GCC and Nordic countries. Please contact me for more info.

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Hi Guys,
I am looking for traffic across display, email marketing, and social media. I have CPL offers on Binary/Forex and Gaming and looking for publishers who can run this offers in Nordic and GCC Countries. Please contact me for more info.


Hi for everyone!

We are affiliate network and looking for exclusive offers on CPC, CPL for verticals like: Casino / Poker/ Forex / Binary Options / Finance / CC submit / Insurance / travel and many more.

Basic geo with which we work: Tier1 UK, AU, NZ, CA, Nordic, DE, DK, FR, GCC, RU and other geo also.

The priority type of traffic for us are email & display. But we can provide a wide range of profitable traffic for different types of offers.

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact our affiliate manager:
Skype: surbhi.alpha
Email: surbhi.clickcabin@gmail.com


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We are looking for WW traffic for our CPL offers on various verticals.

Feel free to add me on,
Skype- salonialpha or
email me - saloni.clickcabin@gmail.com/sb@alphainfolab.com


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Hello Advertisers,

If you have good CPC campaigns for FI,NO,SE,DK,AU,UK,ES,FR then please let me know. We have both email and display traffic for your offers. We have our inhouse publisher also.
Feel free to contact me. My skype id: aayushi.alpha

Aayushi Neema
Clickcabin Affiliate Network

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Have You interested monetise our data so feel free to ping me (sv_alphainfolab.com)
email - ssv@alphainfolab.com

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Hey Everyone!!!

I have HQ email/Display traffic for your CPC offers.
Pls ping me on Skype @ sj.alpha123

Thanks In Advance!!!

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Hello Everyone!

We are seeking traffic for our CPL campaigns, One who can help me with the same can freely contact to me via Email id-gg@alphainfolab.com or can ping me on skype- garima.alphainfolab.


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I have Great survey and sweepstakes offers targeting worldwide countries. with open cap.
Highest paying incent offers.
Feel free to contact me Via Skype: Sj.alpha123

Thanks In Advance!!



We are searching for new partners to promote our offers on CPL basis.
Competitive payouts, on time payments and exclusive (white label) offers for partners with quality and volume.

Looking forward to doing business with all of you!

Skype ID: alphainfolab_surbhi



I am Smita. I am looking for quality traffic for almost all verticals, all geo's....

We work on CPL and CPC basis...
Please contact me for more info via e-mail or skype..

Skype :- smita.alphainfolab
Email :- sjg@alphainfolab.com