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eClickZ Ads
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Must be able to run JS or XML tags! Pays $5 - $50 for US, CA, AU, UK - must convert and pass fraud filters. PM me, or get started here https://pubcenter.eclickz.com.com/signup

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Our unique and proprietary ad units integrate seamlessly into your website, blog, or app. Earn highest CPM's and CTR's in the industry. Offering Net 7 payments via PayPal or Check.

Get started as a publisher now: https://pubcenter.eclickz.com/signup

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eClickZ.com is a CPC|CPM Ad Network for publishers and advertisers. We provide many ad formats including contextual text ads, native ads, display ads, mobile ads, video ads, search xml feed.

We work on Revenue share basis with our publishers and partners. Payment terms are Net 30.

Signup now at https://pubcenter.eclickz.com/signup or contact support@eclickz.com for partnership

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Advertisers: buy HQ Traffic from All Verticals and Geos

Minimum CPC is $0.01 per click! The higher you bid the more traffic you will get! Real-time bidding system and tons of reporting and management tools.

Payments are processed manually upon verification. Minimum deposit is $100.00

Contact us sales@eclickz.com or skype: eclickz to get started advertising on our network!

or Visit us on the web to learn more: