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Gasmobi Ads
Thumb d2c69a2debd40d6fJob Offer

At www.gasmobi.com we are looking for media buyers to promote and escale with positive ROI our sweepstakes and mobile subscriptions carrier billing products, we are looking for someone with knowledge in promoting this kind of offers in FB, GDN, banners, traffic sources etc...
We offer a fix salary and a relevant % of the profits generated of the campaigns, we finance all the operations in order to make it scale it to the max!
Please if you think you fit in this position, contact me by skype at fedepen42 or by mail: f.zwanck@gasmobi.com

Kind regards

Thumb d2c69a2debd40d6fBuyer

Hi guys!!

At www.gasmobi.com we are looking for iframe mobile traffic for our top performing mobile carrier offers that allowed iframe traffic developed buy our advertisers, please if you have this kind of traffic we could do really good $$$, please contact me by skype: fedepen42 or by mail f.zwanck@gasmobi.com

Kind regards

Thumb 414b6fea2b50eec7Seller

Hello :) im looking for good quality mobile traffic for high converting and high payouts offers!!

Plz let me know if you have so we can try to work together :)

Thumb gasmobi final white background1 avatarBuyer

Hi all, hope you have started the new year well :-) at Gasmobi.com we are looking for JP mobile traffic, we have TOP mainsteram offers that are getting great ECPMs $$$, please if you have this kind of traffic, reach me by e-mail : f.zwanck@gasmobi.com or by skype: fedepen42 and lets do business.!!!! Kind regards

Thumb 414b6fea2b50eec7Buyer

Im looking for high quality mobile traffic for CPI and CPA.. 90% of our CPA offers are direct and CPI Payouts are pretty competitive.

If you have good quality traffic dont hesitate to send me a message :)

We have CPI (Incent/Non Incent) -> (Games and Utilities)

CPA (Adult/Mainstream)
CPL (Sweepstakes)

Have a wonderful day!

Thumb 4e74e4f58faf195dBuyer

Looking for Global Mobile traffic
I´m looking for Global mobile traffic especially in LAtam country and SEA

We are a Performance Agency and we work at CPA, CPI, CPL basis.
Please do not hesitate contact me

Thumb 4e74e4f58faf195dBuyer

Inida Idea offer is the offer of the week here in GAsmobi!

Ecpm of more than 8$

Affiliates who'd be interested in running this CPA offer and would like to monetize their IN idea traffic please get in touch: gianluca.peruzzo@gasmobi.com
Skype : gianluca.gasmobi

Thumb gasmobi final white background1 avatarJob Offer

At www.gasmobi.com we are looking for a mobile publisher/Affiliate manager to join our team. Our offices are in Madrid, Spain, but we all know this business is global you can work remote from any country, no need to be in our offices!

What we are looking for:

- Work with current mobile affiliate distribution partners to drive traffic to mobile CPI and CPA offers.
- Recruit new affiliate publishing partners.

Personal Skills:

- 2-3 years prior mobile performance marketing experience: preferably in CPA (Cost Per Action) mobile subscription and CPI.
- Has Publisher/Affiliate contacts for media-buying and sales.

What we offer:

-Freedom to manage your time and schedule.
-Market salary, bonus and participation in results. We are focus on performance and if you makes us grow as expected we want you to grow with us and will reward you for it!

If you think you can fit to this positions please reach us at f.zwanck@gasmobi.com or ping us in skype at : fedepen42.

Kind regards

Thumb 4e74e4f58faf195dBuyer

Do you have quality traffic for TH,MX,ZA;UK,US .

Contact me today to start making money from your traffic .

My Skype is : gianluca.gasmobi

Thumb gasmobi final white background1 avatarBuyer

Hi All, at www.gasmobi.com, we are looking for pop up and redirect mobile traffic of Bahrain geo and Viva carrier, if you have this kind of traffic, please contact me at my skype:fedepen42 or my e-mail: f.zwanck@gasmobi.com

Looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards

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Thumb gasmobi final white background1 avatarBuyer

Hi all, at www.gasmobi.com we are looking for CPA mobile traffic adult and mainstream ,we are currently working with direct developers and have campaigns with competitives payouts at geos like, BR, PE,CO,MX,ES,IN,IT,CH, that are performing really well. If you have the kind of traffic we need, please contact me and lets do business $$$$ my e-mail is: f.zwanck@gasmobi.com or skype:fedepen42 . I am available 24/7. Kind regards

Thumb gasmobi final white background1 avatarBuyer

Do you want to monetize traffic from any Geo at the best ECPMs?

You can do it easy and fast with just a single URL, our Smart Url, give you access to thousands of top converting offers for any geo, carrier and wifi, our algorythm, understands the full potential of each click, and display top converting offer, adjusting to its exact targeting and as a result getting the best eCPM

You can monetize your remanent or bulk traffic with it , do media buying or run it directly with your publishers

We are looking for maisntream and adult CPA traffic, all kinds, do not miss this chance to boost your revenues and reach me by :

mail: f.zwanck@gasmobi.com

skype: fedepen42

Thumb gasmobi final white background1 avatarBuyer


Our Sweepstakes offers rule ;-) specially in US, we would like to scale our good performance with your traffic, if you have mobile sweepstake traffic in US please let get in touch with me via e-mail f.zwanck@gasmobi.com or skype:fedepen42.

Looking forward to do business with you $$$