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Yesup Media Inc. Ads
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Hello, I am Young from Yesup Media Inc.

We have our desktop/mobile traffics available not only from Tier 1, but also from Tier 2 ,3 and 4.
Our verticals are from health, beauty, adult, casino, Forex/BO, games, dating, education and many others.

Our company works with banner/ pop page/ video/ email/ intext ads, but no in-App Ads !!!

Our condition is prepayment.
The minimum is only $50 USD.
We can do NET term for Video.

Unused fund is always refunded, hence nothing is at loss.

Please contact me through Skype or Email at: youngjeong@yesupmail.com

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Hello, this is Young from Yesup Media Inc.

If you have desktop/mobile traffics you need to monetize,
we can help ! We are looking for traffics from all across GEOs, and from all across verticals including casino, adult, FOREX/BO, education, beauty, health, game and many others.

We don't do in-app Ads!

We work with direct URL and JS codes only!
And our payment term is NET15 for publishers.
Please contact me IF and IF ONLY you can work with NET15 policy.

Skype & email: youngjeong@yesupmail.com


We have high-quality CN Desktop traffic at competitive rates. Message me for more details.


API integration
XML feed

E-mail: erwin@yesup.com
Skype: erwin2016.yesup


Currently have CN POP/Banner traffic and willing to negotiate rates. API Integration capabilities.

Contact me for more details.

Add me on Skype: erwin2016.yesup


CHINA 8,119,949 IMPRESSIONS daily

If you are interested Ping me on skype

Or email Farhia@yesupmail.com