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Public Ideas Ads
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I´m searching for databases and display networks on CPL and CPA basis. Preferably own databases.

We are an international affiliate network searching for traffic in Spain and LATAM.

join us! :)

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I am looking for new Affiliates with traffic in Spain and Latam.We mainly work with CPA and CPL models and we have an extensive catalog of exclusive campaigns.

If you are a publisher working in this GEOs please e-mail me to: pablo.arias@timeonegroup.com
or add me to Skype: pablo.arias.to
for further information ;-)



My name is Luis Lozano and I work in the Affiliate network called Public Ideas.

I’m looking for new partners to promote the campaigns we manage in Spain and LATAM and I would like to know if there is any opportunity to collaborate together.

Our clients offer different payout for each sale/lead you can generate. The models we have are CPL and CPS.

Would you be interested in receive further information ? You can add me to Skype to « luis.lozano.pi » and I can provide you more information about our business. My email address is luis.lozano@timeonegroup.com

I wait your comments and I hope to collaborate with you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day !