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Local03 service provides users with cheap international calls at a local call rate. With Local03 service we connect the customer's phone number (mobile or landline) to a local access number, and the users can call from their country to destinations abroad for very low rates.

Our leads niche is very specific and targeted; we are looking for leads of people how are originally from: Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, Nepal, India and Sri-Lanka, in these countries only: U.S.A, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND

Please feel free for contact me.
Skype- omni.isaac

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Publisher or media network for our product: Local03 (www.local03.com)

Please get in touch. CPA and CPL preferred, CPM may be an option.
Geotargets: Australia, USA, Canada, UK.
targeted niche in those geos : Pakistani, Bangladesh,Nepali and Brazilian .

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Now I'm looking to advertise with you for our product Jcare (https://www.jcare.com/)

JCare is a dental discount program. We supply a subscription for individuals and families that need discounts on dental treatments.

The campaign is only for USA and we work an CPA basis

If you are interested contact me.
My skype id: omni.isaac