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Samuel SoltofBuyer

1st Peer to Peer platform, profit of over 125% for real.
Don’t Try to Beat the Broker – Be the Broker!
TradEqual is the only platform where traders can write and sell their own options. Instead of trading against the broker, you can be a broker yourself! You can also talk to other traders in our live on-screen chatroom, to exchange ideas and promote your options.
Open Platform for Unlimited Profits
As the only open peer-to-peer binary options exchange platform, TradEqual enables you to earn unlimited profits. If you write and sell a successful option, you can generate returns of 125% or more on your investment. It’s time to start playing with the big boys!
Demo account available in each affiliate account.
Why us.

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Samuel SoltofBuyer

Hey guys, Samuel from TradEqual, we've a "Peer to Peer" platform here, please have a look, and let's change the market , no more broker against trader.
TradEqual is a totally different player on the industry as we're a # 1 binary option exchange company (Open Market Platform ) (patent pending) and with that you've the opportunity to join the first, simple and user friendly binary options trading platform Exchange where any person can experience buying and selling options in a real life marketplace.
TradEqual is under Cysec & Mifid pending .
If you need, we can send you further material and information to read and understand the platform.

We can schedule a conference call and i can explain you about our platform, please look, education material
Demo account available in each affiliate account.
Why us.

If you take 2 minutes and have a look where we've got 2 articles about us, it should give us a huge credit and make open an account now :)

Samuel SoltofBuyer

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Samuel SoltofBuyer

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