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Hello there.

It's a pleasure to offer you double up on all cpc budgets, for the rest of january.

In order to promote our new setup, (new technolegies to delivere our mails) we are delivering double the amount of click ordered by CPC.

Contact me now on skype: jackdecuzo
Contact me now on email: jack@decuzo.com

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/decuzomedia/
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/decuzo-media/
Website - http://www.decuzo.com/

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I have a few spots available on our local newsletters around the world, for your christmas campaigns!

Hurry up, only a total of 7 spots is available!
- Contact me on Skype, for more information! My username is jackdecuzo

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Quality Affiliate Network
Many great campaigns!

Decuzo Media - Affiliate Network

- Payment on time, or we double your payout. We are sure we'll pay you way before last payment date!
- We match prices, if you find one of our offers on another platform, with a higher payout, we'll match that price.
- Additional reward for our best publishers and partners.
- €100,00 EUR Welcome Bonus.
- €100,00 EUR Referal Bonus.
- Lot of campaigns to chose from.
- Tier 1 geos.
- Danish Quality