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Decuzo Media Ads
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Hi guys

I just want to let you know we have the best performing CPC campaigns in town.

Contact me right away for more info, on skype - jackdecuzo or give me a call +4520848454

What are you waiting for?
The money is yours!


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We are open for new budgets!

All verticals.

Contact me on Skype - jackdecuzo
Source - Email & Affiliate

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Hello there.

We are urgently searching for the best available traffic out there.

We provide the best convering CPL offers in the Forex/Binary vertical, with the best payouts.

Usually you'll only find these kind of offers on CPA.
We changed that.

Get in touch now.

Either on skype - jackdecuzo
Or mail - jack@decuzo.com


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1. Is a pleasure to announce that Decuzo Media is still growing faster and stronger for every month.
- This means that in March we'll be moving to a new and bigger office, and a few new key persons will join our small and dedicated team.

2. We'll be at LAC, and maybe ICE.
- Let's schedule a meeting in advance, in order to avoid the last days rush up to the exhibition.

3. We are celebrating our new and improved ESP & SMTP setups!
- This means we now can handle even more budgets, and have a higher interaction rate on our leads.
- Therefore we are happy to give x2 the traffic on all CPC & CPM budgets, on our own sources.

4. We are recently started with Germany & Canada.
- Our GEOS: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United States, United Kingdom, Australlia, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada.

5. We still provid all our other services.
- Such as TM Leads, Co-Regs/Spons, Lead Gen, Email Marketing, Media planning.

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Looking for AU traffic.

Hit me on Skype - jackdecuzo

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Hello guys, My name is Jakob and I´m representing Decuzo Media!
are you Looking for HQ traffic in 17 different GEO´s?
All our traffic is double opt-in and we have a high CR,
by our willing to AB - test your temples & subjects to the best result in your campaign!

Wanna hear more?
Contact me:
Mail: Jakob@Decuzo.com
Skype: Jakob@Decuzo.com