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Decuzo Media Ads
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Get part of our world class dedicated SMS traffic for your campaigns!

A few words about the segment.

- Tier 1 Countries
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada.
- General people
- Age +20
- Gender 50/50
- With valid credit card
- All numbers are smartphone users
- High click rate
- Premium gateways for best delivery of each SMS
- Only fresh and valid numbers

Contact me today!
LinkedIn - Jack Decuzo
Skype - jackdecuzo
Email - jack@decuzo.com
Mobile - +45 20 8484 54

Cheers! Decuzo Media - www.decuzo.com

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We are open for new budgets!

All verticals.

Contact me on Skype - jackdecuzo
Source - Email & SMS directly and our affiliate Network

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Hello guys, My name is Jakob and I´m representing Decuzo Media!
are you Looking for HQ traffic in 17 different GEO´s?
All our traffic is double opt-in and we have a high CR,
by our willing to AB - test your temples & subjects to the best result in your campaign!

Wanna hear more?
Contact me:
Mail: Jakob@Decuzo.com
Skype: Jakob@Decuzo.com