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Decuzo Media Ads
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AU - CA - DE - DK - ES - FI - FR - IT - NL - NO - PL - SE - UK - US

Get part of our highly valuable traffic this January!

Currently, we are using mainly SMS sources, since the conversion and brand awareness is much more valuable there, by our experience.

We do serve a lot of other different services such as email marketing an enterprise email verification system, a small dedicated affiliate network, lead generation, Instagram & Facebook management, and optimization.

Reach out to me either here on MyMediaAds, or Skype jackdecuzo or kindly send me an email at jack@decuzo.com, www.decuzo.com mobile: +4520848454

A few words about the segment.

- General people
- Age +20
- Gender 50/50
- With valid credit card
- All numbers are smartphone users
- High click rate
- Premium gateways for best delivery of each SMS
- Only fresh and valid numbers

Cheers! Decuzo Media - www.decuzo.com

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Hello guys, My name is Jakob and I´m representing Decuzo Media!
are you Looking for HQ traffic in 17 different GEO´s?
All our traffic is double opt-in and we have a high CR,
by our willing to AB - test your temples & subjects to the best result in your campaign!

Wanna hear more?
Contact me:
Mail: Jakob@Decuzo.com
Skype: Jakob@Decuzo.com