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Dave CohenBuyer

Hi all,
We are buying Crypto/investment leads on cpl basis.
GEO: Doesn`t really matter as long as they speak English.

I know a lot of you out there are good people - but I will not buy shitty leads from burnt out lists. :)
Please feel free to drop me a pm with your offers.


Dave CohenBuyer

Hi all
Looking for qualified crypto leads.
If you have genuine leads and not BS fake
data - please pm me your offer!
Have a nice day

Dave CohenSeller

Hi All
Started working with a new and exciting source for AUS \US \UK\ CA Financial and Crypto leads.
Skype me at :koderius

Only Direct buys and serious persons, please. I will not register on your platform for free so don`t waste my time. thanks

Dave CohenSeller

Hi all,
We are offering two services:

1: We will be supplying you with FRESH highly targeted email lists custom made for your desired verticle.

2: We can send your promotion to those email without getting blocked by spam trackers.

If you are interested please pm me or skype me at:
Skype: koderius or this link :

Dave CohenBuyer

Hi all,
I am looking for education traffic \ student traffic from the UK and US.
Traffic can come from all sources \ but we prefer social, blogs, apps. etc.

Awaiting your offers.

Dave CohenBuyer

Hi there ,

I-trust app - is an innovative app that lets monitor
your partner's mobile .Great for dating traffic.

We have a great payout for this !

PM me for more details

Dave CohenBuyer

Hi all,
Looking for affiliates who can drive traffic on CPL basis for a few forex offers I already run successfully
but want to boost.

PM me or mail me at

I have many opportunities and exciting clients for serious collaborators .

This is urgent - Thanks!

Dave CohenSeller

Hi all
Looking for fresh and legit - Bitcoin \ Crypto leads?

Pm me today and lets start working .

$6-7.5 per lead
50 Leads min order
50% Prepay only (Paypal \ or payoneer)

Please only direct offers , and serious people !
PM me here or send mail to

Dave CohenSeller

Selling Forex traffic with good conversion rates and HQ Leads

- 20 minimum leads test.
- CPL basis

Leads come from big facebook pages , big forex blogs and websites .


Verticals - All things related to Forex

**Will work only with ready funnels . no reg pages please.

SKYPE: live:info_676170

Dave CohenSeller

Hi all
Selling LOANS traffic on CPL basis for Us market.
Traffic delivered on First come first served so hurry up

Traffic comes from quality sources & big websites , no bots , no Bs.

Traffic is for Direct offers only. Thanks

PM me or hit me up on skype:

See ya

Dave CohenSeller

Hi all ,
*****Our company just signed an exclusive co-operation with Instagram!. *****

We can now offer 100% legit , official boosts and promotions from Instagram to provide you with REAL social traffic in bulk amounts.

- Official offer.
- NO bots , or fake profiles guaranteed .
- Boost Guaranteed by Instagram!

Offer is good for all GEO`s

Offer includes all verticals.
Explicit BO or Forex offers will need to be pre-approved of course.

Skype or PM for more info.
Dave :live:info_676170

Dave CohenSeller

New source provided us with plenty good regulated Scandinavian traffic !

Traffic comes from big Facebook pages , and local sports magazines .

This is for direct advertisers .CPA or CPL basis , 50% prepay only (sorry guys those are prime leads).


PM me or skype me for more details .

Have a nice day

Dave CohenSeller

Hi All
We have an adult hardcore website that has tons of UV and monthly returning visitors. Mainly from US and UK.

The banners on the site get a good amount of clicks and conversions - but we would like to change some of the advertisers.

Please PM me to know more of our flat fees.
Have a nice day!

Victor DaviesSeller

At Clickio, we specialize in ad block management where we find publishers lose a large percentage of inventory value, and we employ Clickio tracking tags that can provide information on the percentage of your web-users, both using and not using ad block.

Where ad-blocker is enabled for a web-user, our whitlelisted Clickio tags can display ads deemed 'acceptable' with lower CPMs but give you an opportunity to capitalize on otherwise lost revenue.

Let's discuss!
Skype - victordavies99

Nick KhusnutdinovSeller

Adlabs Networks Summary:
- 35000 websites
- 17 million unique users per day
- 300 million customer profiles

- Banners for look-alike and retargeting
- Native advertising for all possible targetings

«Smart Targetings», tailored for e-Commerce
- Retargeting
- Audience/ Behavioural segments

Victor DaviesSeller

Find the best value CPMs from your inventory with an abundance of demand from all continents and key account management to closely overlook the multiple controls available.

Monetize 100% of your inventory by tackling the problem of ad-block enabled users through Clickio's whitelist-enabled tags which can lead to effortlessly increasing your revenue by up to 41%

Whether a network or sole publisher, enjoy demand from the likes of Criteo, AdForm, WideOrbit, Open X and AdX.

All it costs is two minutes of your time for registration.

Just contact:

Skype: victordavies99
Call: +420 7193 2722

Complex monetisation made easy. It's simple - trial for yourself today.

Dave CohenBuyer

Hi all
We are looking for Russian traffic for a trading education program.

The program lets people take professional online trading courses.

We are looking for traffic that comes from the same niche.

I will want to see a small test - after this, we can pay really good!

You can catch me at:live:affiliates_429
on skype

Dave CohenSeller

Hi all
I have tons of high quality organic Chinese traffic.
Traffic comes from blogs \ websites we own - and is highly engaged in offers and converting very well.

Please PM me your offers or questions!