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Clickio Ads
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Adlabs Networks Summary:
- 35000 websites
- 17 million unique users per day
- 300 million customer profiles

- Banners for look-alike and retargeting
- Native advertising for all possible targetings

«Smart Targetings», tailored for e-Commerce
- Retargeting
- Audience/ Behavioural segments

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At Clickio, we specialize in ad block management where we find publishers lose a large percentage of inventory value, and we employ Clickio tracking tags that can provide information on the percentage of your web-users, both using and not using ad block.

Where ad-blocker is enabled for a web-user, our whitlelisted Clickio tags can display ads deemed 'acceptable' with lower CPMs but give you an opportunity to capitalize on otherwise lost revenue.

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Skype - victordavies99

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Find the best value CPMs from your inventory with an abundance of demand from all continents and key account management to closely overlook the multiple controls available.

Monetize 100% of your inventory by tackling the problem of ad-block enabled users through Clickio's whitelist-enabled tags which can lead to effortlessly increasing your revenue by up to 41%

Whether a network or sole publisher, enjoy demand from the likes of Criteo, AdForm, WideOrbit, Open X and AdX.

All it costs is two minutes of your time for registration.

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Skype: victordavies99
Email: victor.davies@clickio.com
Call: +420 7193 2722

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