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OpusAds Ads
Cindy WangBuyer

We are a Global Performance Advertising Agency that offers monetization of both Mobile and Desktop traffic worldwide.
We have:
• CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS, PPI campaigns for Desktop and Mobile Devices.
We are looking for PREMIUM Traffic for our Direct & Exclusive campiaigns! Let's start our partnership now and I promise you will make lots of money!!!

Linh PhuongBuyer

Focused on Performance, we focus on delivering quality and measurable results via our thousands of Local and International Publishers and App Developers. Looking for traffic for our direct campaigns. Ping me live:linhconvatu

Sophie ZhouBuyer

Hi! This is Sophie from OPUSADS. We're a performance-based ad agency with thousands of direct and exclusive offers. At the moment, we are looking for traffic on CPI basis on the following verticals: Games, Shopping, Lifestyle, Utilities, Gambling and Travel.

Campaigns are guaranteed converting with high PO!

Add me up on Skype to discuss more:

Sophie ZhouBuyer

Hi! I am Sophie from OpusAds. We're a Hong Kong based agency with thousands of top offers! We are looking for partners who can supply traffic on our sweepstakes campaigns.

Guaranteed converting with HIGH PO!

Contact me for more details. Cheers!


Sophie ZhouBuyer

Hi! I am Sophie from OpusAds. We have top converting CPI casino offers on the platform right now. Campaigns have HIGH PAYOUTS!! Guaranteed converting.

If you can provide traffic, ping me on Skype and let's talk more!


Sophie ZhouBuyer

We are a Global Performance Advertising Agency that offers direct and exclusive desktop and mobile campaigns. We have:

• High-paying ADULT DATING offers that can boost your earnings!

• 180 GEOs reach with US, UK, AU, CA, DE, CN, IN, SA, TH, VN, ID, MY, KR, HK, DE, JP, RU, CH, TW, IT, FR, ZA and UAE taking about 90% of our overall GEO traffic.

Currently, we are looking for excellent and top calibre supply partners who could provide premium traffic for our direct and exclusive campaigns.

Add me on Skype: live:sophie_6912

Sophie ZhouBuyer

Hi! This is Sophie from OpusAds. We're a Hong Kong based premiere ad agency. We are now looking for traffic for our CPI, CPL and CPA campaigns.

Expect high-paying and highly converting campaigns!
Ping me on Skype to discuss further :

Sophie ZhouBuyer

Hi! We are:

- A Premiere Ad Marketplace based in Hong Kong.

- Serving over Billions of Daily Impressions through Mobile and Desktop Devices

- Top Tier Campaigns across Major verticals

- Direct and Exclusive Offers from around the Globe (1-2 Jumps)

Right now we're looking for Supply Partners that can provide us high quality traffic.

You can add me on Skype to discuss further: live:sophie_6912