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DGMAX Interactive Ads
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Please get in touch if you have email traffic in these countries and others, around the world for most verticals Surveys, dating, finance business , make money, Telecom, education etc

Email but also display ( main types of media)
SG, CN, HK , TW email traffic needed

Good pay outs for right traffic
NOTE: Traffic not allowed, gambling, adult, illegal downloads
Get in touch
Skype: live Tamsin_134
email Tamsin@dgmaxinteractive.com

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I have campaigns in Surveys verticals worldwide,
plus insurance, telecom, business, sweepstakes, education, financial and more

Pin submit traffic wanted
good pay out

Get in touch
Email: tamsin@dgmaxinteractive.com
NOTE: not gambling, adult or illegal downloads

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if you have Hispanic traffic in US, email or display for any vertical get in touch asap, excellent pay outs

skype: tamsin_134
Email: tamsin@dgmaxinteractive.com

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We search for traffic in world wide countries for campaigns vertical, communities / clairvoyance/ CPL

Excellent rates

get in touch asap skype: tamsin_134
email: tamsin@dgmaxinteractive.com

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We need traffic for Segunda Mano Mexico, payout $0.50 CPI.

Hit me up if interested: dgmaxbr

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I am looking MX traffic for L'Oréal CPA campaigns.

Contact me on Skype : dgmaxbr

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I am looking for BR traffic for this campaigns. It accepts display, email and contextual.

211- [Brazil] Adeus Queda de Cabelo
Payout: R$0.60/lead + R$15.50/sale
Accepts: display and email marketing

124- [Brazil] Sushi na Prática
Payout: R$0.60/lead + R$21.00/sale
Accepts: display and email marketing

1407- [Brazil] Aposta de Sucesso
Payout:R$0.60/lead + R$12.50/sale
Accepts: display and email marketing
LP: http://goo.gl/jSbPDq

1408-[Brazil] Ganhar Dinheiro no Face
Payout: R$0.60/lead + R$27.00/sale
Accepts: display and email marketing
LP: http://goo.gl/e8cQfO

Please contact me via skype dgmaxbr