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Media White FZ llc Ads

Hello from Media White,

Q4 is Rocking for everybody!!

We have noticed that there is not much activity from your end. We would like to build a strong partnership and so we need your co-operation.

We believe we can make lots of money together like we do with others. Dont miss this opportunity !!

Let us know if you need any more details from us to kick start the co-operation. You have all the offers you need. Write to your account manager if you need any offers for higher payouts and they will try their best.

Awaiting your thoughts(Skype: allan.mediawhite)



Hi We are looking for partners who can buy our RON Display inventory on CPM bases With Pass backs
You may also test our traffic on Rev Share 70/30 hurry up Q4 is about to end lets make some $$$$$$$

Email : allan@mediawhite.com

Skype: allan.mediawhite



My name is Allan and I'm representing Media White . I'm looking for affiliates who can be integrated with API for our TOP converting Incent apps..

We offer :

- On-time payments / NET 30
- TOP converting apps with long timelife
- Quicker Integration
- Brand Safe Partners


we are looking to sell our world wide inventory on cpm basis (Programmattic) Display . For mobile and Desktop if interested please free feel free to contact me allan@mediawhite.com or Skype: allan.mediawhite

Hurry up!


Hi any one interested selling Video traffic on CPM basis (Vast tags) Lets not waste time, time is Money follow me up on email allan@mediawhite.com and you may also Skype: allan.mediawhite for faster communication Hurry Up!


I'm looking for new publishers to work with us on CPI basis for top performing WW campaigns.
Reach out at sydelle.mediawhite or sydelle@mediawhite.com

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I would like to buy CPM Desktop Video traffic On CPM basis.
if you have lets talk : jamnas.mediawhite

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I am from Media White, in regard to establishing an opportunity for us to work in collaboration. Media White has a lot of campaigns and we are looking for Affiliates Publishers who can run our campaigns and push them into their supply. We are looking forward to working with you through different business models CPA, CPI, CPL, etc.
Kindly feel free to revert back to me,
Email id: jamnas@mediawhite.com
Skype: jamnas.mediawhite

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I am Jamnas from Media White and looking to start doing some great business with most of you.
We have High quality POP traffic. Get in touch with me and know my exclusive offers, .Contact me on skype - jamnas.mediawhite or shoot me an email at jamnas@mediawhite.com

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Hi I am Jamnas from mediawhite have wonderful video offers. publishers who having video traffic please contact me on jamnas@mediawhite.com or Jamnas.mediawhite .

Lets make some Quick money

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Video publishers Hit me !

Looking for video traffic on CPM basis.
Ping me on : Jamnas.mediawhite

Great offers!

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I am Jamnas from Media White and looking to start doing some great business with most of you. Get in touch with me and know my exclusive offers Looking for video publishers .Contact me on skype - jamnas.mediawhite or shoot me an email at jamnas@mediawhite.com

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Hello guys,

Media White is a Digital Agency specialized in Online Advertising and Internet Marketing strategies. We as an ad network provide social, display, mobile and video advertising. We are looking for quality leads/traffic for Video campaigns. I think there could be potential for us to work together.


We have high quality Desktop and mobile traffic coming in from top sites in LATAM.

Contact for more info:

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Hey Guys!

Media White is Offering Worldwide inventory for all your campaigns at a very reasonable rate.

I would love to discuss the possibility of business integration between our companies. We would love to test some of your offers with our selected partners.

All our media partners are brand safe websites and applications.

Lets connect and talk
Add me on skype at stephy.mediawhite or shoot me an email at stephy@mediawhite.com