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Mobisummer Ads

GOOD traffic and big volume for RU megafon VAS OFFERS,if you have direct for them,you can contact Christy@Mobisummer.
My skype id: live:2cb3c60a83709fda

William Zhang | MobisummerSeller
Tec-Ad CPI\CPA Traffic Platform with Anti-Fraud engine!【new sources updated】

Exclusive sources configuration this week
For offer [Cleartrip]!!!
Join us now, if you have one!

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There is good source Facebook run well in Keto BHB Diet
landing page:
We need the payout 110$ above,
if you have this offer for directly,pls add my skype:


We have so many good sources for GAMES CPI,SHOPPING FOR CPS,SWEEPSTAKES FOR SEA,if you have these good direct campaigns,pls contact me by skype

Hugh HuangBuyer

we can provide 10,000+ offers WW via API intergration
hope to cooperate with publishers or affiliate network who can do API , too.
Most of the offers are direct offers , which are increasing now.
please ping me on skype : hugh in mobisummer
or e-mail :

William Zhang | MobisummerSeller
Tec-Ad CPI\CPA Traffic Platform with Anti-Fraud engine!【new sources updated】

Lazada/dailyhunt hottest!!!!!!!!
UA Portmone Hottest!!!

I am youngtrain.pan from mobisummer, Business Develop of Tec-Ad platform.

Please sign up here:
And contact Skype:

Tec-Ad is an advanced intelligent Mobile Marketing platform of Mobisummer. Our platform is transparent, efficient and comprehensive.

1. CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS price model is acceptable.
2. Targeting Traffic on countries, city, OS, Carriers traffic category, device and network speed.
3. When your campaign is active, you can easily blocked the cheating or performing badly in time.
4. the unique optimization\anti-Fraud system empower advertiser raise or block traffic sources automatically.

William Zhang | MobisummerBuyer
MPP Monetize Platform with AI Recommendation engine!

Please sign up here:
And contact Skype:

MPP Monetize Platform is the most advanced SSP for publishers. These are some features below:
Accuate Matching--Recommend offers based on big data and Business Intelligence
Exclusive Resources--Thousands of direct offers fulfilling your eCPM
Advanced Technology--One-stop API integration and automatic BI system to match offers

Lawrence LauBuyer

Dear developer,

We have created a new Admob platform for Android pubisher that price each of your daily active user. No matter what kind of monetized way you are using now on your apps, we hope that you can add a new inventory monetized way and don’t need to lose any other one.

About the revenue:
For partners with high-quality traffic,rates are:
 Developed Country: $2 - $3 / 1k DAU every day.
 Development Country: $0.8 - $1.1 / 1k DAU every day.

(All geos are needed!)

All you need to do is registering an account in our company and tracking your revenue in your dashboard at our platform everyday.

Our Website:

Be free to contact us.
Skype: live:2ec223fc0bcb2914

Dora XingBuyer

Hello, I am Dora, from Mobisummer( We have plenty of exclusive and direct offers, and I am looking for traffic on CPA and CPI base.

Vertical: E-commerce, Games, Tools

Geo: MY, TW, SG, NL, PL, GB, FR, DE, IT, US, KR

Price: $1-$3

Pls feel free to contact me.

Skype: live:doraxing666


Dora XingBuyer

Hi, this is Dora, from Mobisummer(, which is a performance network based in China.
We are the one of top 10 mobile network in China, and we have plenty of exclusive and direct offers.
so, I am looking for high quality traffic for CPI / CPA,
pls feel free to contact me.

Skype: live:doraxing666

Eve ChauBuyer

Hi we have lots of direct exclusive offer need HQ traffic to run. skype me: evezou66

Eve ChauBuyer

Hi we are looking for CPI/CPA traffic, we got lots of good payout offers waiting to be matched. Sign up link contact me email: skype: evezou66


Hi Dear all,

This is Sharon from Mobisummer. I'm looking for mobile traffic based on CPI/CPA.

I'd like to recommend our DIRECT campaign to you which reaches 100,000 intalls per day. NO KPI and HIGH CR!!!

Everything could be discussed. Pls contact me to have a further talk.

26498 Opera Mini - CPI(ID) android utility ID $0.22 Non-incent 26494 Opera Mini - CPI(IN) android utility IN $0.20 Non-incent 26492 Opera Mini - CPI(ZA) android utility ZA $0.12 Non-incent 26500 Opera Mini - CPI(NG/KE/TZ/EG/MA/GH) android utility NG/KE/TZ/EG/MA/GH $0.08 Non-incent

preview link:

To view more offers:

Feel free to contact me!

Skype: Sharon Tsui | Mobisummer


Hilda WangBuyer

Hi, I am Hilda from Mobisummer.

We have many direct & exclusive offers on CPI and CPA basis.

We also have abundant resources of DDL, APK and Smart link offers.

Currently I am looking for HQ traffic to cooperate with.

If you’re interested, I’m glad to send you an offer list for reference.

My Email:

My Skype ID: hildawx


We partner with many companies worldwide, achieving excellent global coverage. Our team
will always be here for you, providing hands-on consultation and service to achieve your goals we
are a global leading mobile affliate network based in China. We work with direct advetisers all over the world and have many exclusive offers. Our offers mainly include app install, subscription, etc. To get a better service from us, I suggest you to add my skype: Sharon Tsui | Mobisummer.

Hugh HuangBuyer

This is Mobisummer , an ad network from China
what we have:
-thousands of quality offers on CPI or CPA basis
-DDL traffic is suitable too
-support API interaction
please ping me on skype : hugh_mobisummer

Hugh HuangBuyer

Looking for quality mobile traffic CPA or CPI basis all over the world

Hit me up with good suggestions

Please add me in skype : hugh_mobisummer


Ken LiangBuyer

We have many attractive DDL campaigns for your traffic.
It would be great if we can cooperate together.
skype: ken.mobisummer