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Marta IvanovaBuyer

We are happy to introduce you a brand-new offer – which we can give you exclusively .
The offer has great user-value – 50% reduction of the fee, great tablet, premium access to the parent site – and gift-pack of 3 magazines. The client is a well-known brand with several million subscribers in BE alone. If you would like to setup and run this campaign – please contact us – and we can bring it live within the same day for you!

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Marta IvanovaBuyer

Vertical: a bit of a mix: Review-site, Coupons, Group-purchasing, Discount Site, Promos, Consumer Portal
The payout is promoted until 5-th of December and is even higher, so don't miss it!

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e-mail: marta@performancebay.com

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AM SupportBuyer

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AM SupportBuyer

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