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Hi Publisher, Network, Lead Gen Company website and blogger.

I have some really cool and high paying offers ( CPL only) and I want to buy your traffic if you are selling it and it matches my offers.

SKYPE - mpumilembz


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Hi There.

I have the best performing BRANDED offers for South African traffic.

Auto and Home Insurance
Funeral Cover
Life Cover
Legal Insurance

All offers are CPL, SOI and all traffic welcome. SKYPE me if you have what I need

(S) mpumilembz
(E) mpumelelo@affiliate.co.za

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Hi there.

I am looking for publishers with a email database targeted at Adult dating and in the ZA GEO.

The campaign is CPL payout is in $s

Skype me mpumilembz

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Networks, Affiliates, Bloggers, Publishers or just guys with data!

I am looking for traffic/leads in Australia for
and Education

If you have the traffic or email data ping me on SKYPE - mpumilembz



I'm looking for mainly CPL and CPA traffic for South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

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I am looking for UK CPL mail traffic for an exclusive Paid Online Survey.

CPL: (Euros)

Deal structure:
Only email traffic

Skype me on mpumilembz.

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I am an Affiliate Manager. And I am on the lookout for quality traffic in the South African/Africa Geo region.

All offers are exclusive and payout in USD. If you have the quality web and mobi traffic in that region, let me know so we can make some money.

Offer are CPL (Url + banner)

Looking forward to hearing from you.