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Matomy Media Group Ads
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Hey all,

Do you have Extensions or downloadable software?
If so, Matomy wants you on board!

We have an amazing monetization solution for you that is 100% clean and Google compliant.

Rates can go up to $80 for your US traffic and very high for rest of the geos as well.

Care for more details?

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myDSP has some major benefits for Mobile media buyers:
· Smart ruling and micro bidding campaign-optimization tools.
· Ability to slice-and-dice targeting by format, carriers, device, OS and more
· Full transparency, you exactly what you're buying.
· Brand Safety and fraud detecting tools to guarantee quality traffic.
· Over 40 billion impressions on WW scale.

Self service with a dedicated success manager.

For more information please feel free to send me an email at: alex.l@matomy.com

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Matomy has a large demand to be placed on desktop adn MW connecting with CedatoX so if you have the option to do it let me know and make business together!

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Matomy Media is looking for a big stock of online VIDEO impressions. We are able to work both VAST and VPAID tags.

Please contact me on skype: Trinidad.Oria

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Hey Guys!

feel free to ping me on skype (hector.c14) if you have some Video, display, mobile and performance inventory i will be more than happy to help you monetizing it.

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Rev share basis, mostly CPA campaigns for downloands and streaming. sizes 300x250, 320x50, 728x90, 234x60 and 320x480.

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I am looking to buy large inventory from video SP, MP and LP/ US, CA and UK Geos. CPM basis!

skype: hector.c14