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Adamo advertising Ads
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Hey there traffic seekers and monetizers!! Will you be next week in Vegas @#InterNextexpo? Let’s meet up and discuss what #ADAMO can do for you. We are offering desktop, mobile & email traffic for various verticals - and we are looking to meet YOU while we are there. For scheduling a meeting please Skype me moreven5 or PM! Let's rock it in Vegas!!!!

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Hey guys! MA DB for email marketing that we have... It is premium Dating, Seduction, Nutra and Cams traffic that i think you should try. It’s very content heavy descriptions and with the small test we did, it works great and it is renewing 100%!!!
85% US 10% UK,IE,NZ,CA,AU and 5% other
Skype: moreven5

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Do you have adult, escort or streaming traffic? Do you need someone who can monetize this for you on a global level? Our dedicated publisher team is specialized driving higher revenue for our publishers, and with our alternative code and minimum CPM setting per geo target, you will decide for how much your traffic will be sold and whatever is not sold we will send it back to the alternative code you provided us. For more information, please reach out to as at info@adamoads.com or contact me directly on my Skype, my username is stevan.adamo

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Winter is coming... warm up your business with our high quality media, that will generate you top-notch prospects. Check us out, and see how we can cater your needs at the best. Skype : moreven5

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We have HQ network sources and double opt Member Area in email marketing, Adult and mainstream. Hit me up NOW!!! Skype: moreven5 or PM me. We work only with prepayments.
If you would like to process a deal with us,
please reply to me directly so I'll be able to
save you a place in the queue. Things are piling up
on our end...

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Traffic Seekers, Adult and Mainstream!! Claim your summer bonus now and grow your traffic and conversions this summer with ADAMO. 10% on top of your entire deposit, for deposits over 1k and up, from June 1st!! -----> www.adamoads.com ADAMO is a global ad network offering both adult and mainstream traffic, for more infromation and to get your campaigns off the ground with us, please reach out via email: sales@adamoads.com or Skype: adamoads

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Very easy to use and attractive looking platform. You can join and check all the information you need
Your dedicated account managers are always ready to help you and guide you to successful results with your businesses . Skype me for more info : stevan.adamo or visit our web page www.adamoads.com

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I want to tell you that now in Adamo you have really hot spots for DATING and CAM products.

TAB position on some really premium sources. For more info hit me on Skype: stevan.adamo or send me an email and I will give you complete offer of currently available TABS. Hurry up.


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ADAMO provides mailer traffic for those looking to buy dating traffic. You will be receiving traffic from several major dating databases. The mailer campaign is on CPC basis, EN speaking GEOs mostly - but we can do other GEOs as well if needed!

You will only need to supply us with a link that will lead to the landing page which will be inserted in the already made template!

All the members are active and opt-in for mailers!

Hit me up NOW for more info, and for getting your mailer campaign off the ground!!
Start focusing on quality over quantity

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Hey all,

If you need member area traffic Adamo ads is perfect place where you will find it...

Hit me up on Skype or Email and see our current hot offers in MA..


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if you need ZA or TH traffic hit me up. Good volumes and really good quality.

Hit me up on skype: stevan.adamo

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Hey all,

If you have dating offer and you want to promote that offer I know good place for it.

I can offer you DATING TAB on porndoe.com for fix price on 30 days.

Hit me up on Skype for more details.

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Do you have web & mobile traffic available for sale - geo targeted or worldwide? Only direct Publishers and direct sources. Add me now on Skype, stevan.adamo , and let's see what we can do together.

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Are you looking for quality mobile pop under worldwide traffic?

Take advantage of our First impression way of buying or flat rate and contact me NOW at:

Skype: stevan.adamo

CPM, Pre Pay only

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Hey all,

We have really good offer at the moment.

Mobile pops US 50k daily on 15 or 30 days.

CPM 2.1 euros

Hit me up for more details.

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He all,

Do you need CAM TAB for your CAM Offer? We offer HOT spot on 30 days on one really good and quality source. porndoe.com

Statistics from current active advertiser (15M impressions, 100K click, CTR 0.66)

FIX price for 30 days.

Hit me up on Skype for more details.

Also the text can be changed for all subdomains if needed (NOW it is LIVE SEX)

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If you need WW web pop traffic hit me up. I have good offer for you!

Geo break down is: US 23% FR 9% ES 5% DE 5% MX 4% UK 4% RU 4% BR 4% IT 3% CA 2% Others 36%.

CPM 2.1 (euros)

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I take a moment and reach out to you and see can we start working together with our premiere real time bidding Adult ad and Gambling ad network www.adamoads.com

Because we are a highly dynamic platform, I would be more than happy to discuss all the different business opportunities and solutions that we are currently offering at ADAMO.

We are excited to unveil some of our new traffic sources for this month here at ADAMO. We are constantly working to improve our inventory, both for web and mobile, so that our customers will enjoy the variety of sites that ADAMO has to offer even more.
Some of our powerful Traffic Sources are directly available in the ADAMO ad store:


For more information about available inventory, volumes, prices and special package deals, please reach out to us today