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Epom Market Ads
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Hi everybody!

I`m looking to buy DE FR AU US mobile traffic on CPC basis via JS tags.

Let me know if that is possible with you - we have great budgets to spend on this one. I`ll be waiting for your note here or in Skype (georgetokarenko)

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Hi guys!

We`re interested in buying mobile traffic for interstitials from following websites:

do you have mobile traffic from those countries? If yes, please write me here or via Skype (my ID is georgetokarenko)


Hello guys

Only premium ads in line with fully customizable unit look attractive and show high user`s interaction.

We are ready to provide you our demand for mobile OS (Android and iOS)

What is more, CPM starts at $0,5.

How about to start getting high revenue already this week?

Thank you


Hi, everybody!

We are interested in the most effective performance and budget allocations in Q2.

For now, we are focused on mobile traffic from tier1 countries.

I am sure you can generate a good revenue based on interstitials and native units.

Ping me if you have that type of traffic.

P.S. only mainstream

skype sniperock1990



Hi, guys

My name is Vasiliy, I am from Epom.
New May ad campaigns have been started and I am sure you will generate a good revenue with us.

For now, we are most focused on interstitials and we looking for traffic from tier1 countries (RON is possible).

Best CPM rates, join us!

email vklimovich@epom.com

skype sniperock1990



We've got some available traffic from exclusive news/entertainment websites we work with.

Our top GEOs are US, UK, CA, DE, FR, IN

We support various formats and targetings.

Add me on Skype absolutekly for more info.

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Hello everybody,

I`m with Epom Market SSP and we`re looking for NG pop-under traffic on desktop and mobile - and we`re ready to pay fixed CPM for it.

Can you please reach out if you have daily volumes more than 10,000 imps/day to sell?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hey everybody,

We have got some sweet campaigns to run on revenue share basis in UK.US,AU,CA, NZ , DK and can offer a premium 90%/10% (you/us) share rate for you.

Can you please let me know if you have any siutable traffic?

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Hi everybody,

We`re looking for mobile pop-under traffic for Italy (H3G carrier) and Germany (Vodafone carrier), both iOS and Android.

We`re ready to pay a good price - so let me know if you have any suitable traffic