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EroAdvertising Ads
Cleuma SantosSeller

The company’s SSP management tool covers a variety of ad types, including banner ads, popups and video ads, whether the video ads display pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll. To assure no impressions go wasted, clients also have the option of setting a default failover ad, which can be triggered based on a minimum CPM set by the client.

“With this option, we have the perfect feature to improve your performance, delivering your traffic to whoever is willing to pay the most in the market,” the company said of its SSP management tool.

Early results from publishers who have tested out the SSP management tool have been very encouraging. According to EroAdvertising, publishers are seeing returns which are 35%-40% higher than they’d received previously through the ad network.

Cleuma SantosSeller

We are an affiliate network. We deal with display (banner) Pops , Pre roll, redirects RTB . We work with the best websites on the World . We work on CPC/CPM/FLATE RATE. Our geos are AU,UK,DE,FR,IT,SE,NL,NZ,ES,ZA,AT, BE,CZ, DK, BR , Latam. For more information contact our support online
Skype- eroadvertising-cleuma

Cleuma SantosSeller

Hello everyone

I have millions of impressions to sell in Brazil web and mobile.
if you are interested add me on Skype or send me an email.
Skype: eroadvertising-cleuma

Thanks ,

Cleuma Santos

Cleuma SantosSeller

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