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Incentmobi Media Limited Ads
Eason WuSeller

Hello everyone, I am Eason Wu, CEO of Incentmobi - don't get me wrong, we are not only foucsing on Incent but also non- incent traffic.

Now our DSP(http://dsp.incentmobi.com) has tons of mobile traffic to sell with high CTR, as high as 10% - 50% .

Inconceivable? no worries, we can offer you a free trial of $100.00 to test our traffic quality.

More details please feel free to contact me via eason@incentmobi.com

Thank you.

Wayne XingJob Offer

This is a really easy but high payment job, and the position needs:

1. Full-understanding of affiliate marketing and web traffic (NOT Mobile traffic);

2. Excellent ability to communicate and negotiate with other CPA networks;

3. Native English Speaker.

☀ Attractive Salary Guarantee!

Eason WuBuyer

Type: CPI(DDL)
Payout: 0.32 - 0.6 USD
Budget: 10 million dollars

if your network have ZA traffic please contact me without hesitation!

My email address: eason@incentmobi.com

Wayne XingSeller

Hey there, now we have quality and quantities MOBILE traffic for INCENT CPI offers. Feel free to ping me if you have many :-) And my Skype id is: wayne@incentmobi.com

Wayne XingBuyer

Looking for mobile traffic partners who can drive more than 1,000K impressions DAILY from India, we are a DSP platform and can integrate with you via RTB integration. Only work on CPM/CPC basis. Feel free to ping me on Skype: wayne@incentmobi.com