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CPHMedia Ads
Denis BorysenkoBuyer

Hi all, we offer an open cap CPR campaign for Ukraine.

Paid action is when a user enters a one-time-password he receives in SMS.

0.30 USD - incent
0.50 USD - non-incent
both OS

pls drop a line to denis.borysenko@cph-media.com and I will guide you through integration and offer set up.

Love and kisses,

Alex GorbachevskyBuyer

Hi! How is it going ? I'm looking for partners to cooperate with on CPI basis, as a trusted player in the advertising industry we can offer our publishers a variety of direct campaigns with high payouts and on-time payments.

Alex GorbachevskyBuyer

Hi! I looking a HQ traffic for CPI offers. Geo's Tier1-2.
Ping me on skype for more detail: cana98

Eugene RubinsteinBuyer

Offering good CPI campaigns (WorldWide)
you are welcome