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Hi All!

I have an EXCLUSIVE Home Security offer that needs traffic ASAP. We need search traffic for this offer ASAP from publishers that can accept inbound calls. Payout is $80.00 CPI. Reach out to me via Skype: Stacey.Shannon28 or email at stacey@fueldagency.com

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I have an EXCLUSIVE Merchant Cash Advance offer that needs traffic ASAP. Email traffic only! Requirements for the offer are a minimum of 10K monthly revenue and being in business for at least one year. HQ converting leads required! Please reach me on Skype at Stacey.Shannon28 or email me at stacey@fueldagency.com

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Private offer in the Home Security vertical needs HQ Email Traffic Immediately! High CPA Payouts! US GEO only! Connect via skype: stacey.shannon28 or email: stacey@fueldagency.com