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Natexo Ads
Solange GabaBuyer

Hello there ;)

I am looking for partners who have email databases in Australia and UK to shoot our campaigns, offering cpc, cpl and cpm.
We offer sweepstakes and campaigns across various industries, like Forex or Travel, and surveys to come soon.

Please contact me for further details.

Skype: solange.natexo

Cheers ;)


V. BuikemaBuyer

Hi all,

We, Natexo (Dutch market), are looking for e-mail traffic for our CPL campaigns. Get in touch with me if you are interested;


Thank you!

Elmar DenzBuyer

We are offering a variety of high quality campaigns, from trusted brands, customized for the AU, UK and NL market. If you have any traffic available hook me up and we can discuss which campaign can match your database!

Working on CPL, CPC and CPM basis at the moment.

Feel free to contact me any time on Skype: elmar.natexo or email:

Mariëtte KoleBuyer

Hello Everyone,

For AU, NL and the UK we are in possession of high quality campaigns from well-known brands. If you have traffic on CPC and CPL to offer us, we can discuss which campaign would be suitable for your database :)!

Please feel free to contact us via:
Skype: chems.natexo

Chems SbitaBuyer

Are you looking for high converting campaigns that will get you the most with little effort? Don't hesitate to try just a small test with our in-house campaigns.

Contact me on the following:
Skype: chems.natexo

Elmar DenzBuyer

Hi there! I’m looking for email traffic in AU and NL. We work on CPL, CPC and CPM basis! Please feel free to contact me by email or skype :) email: ; skype: elmar.natexo

Elmar DenzSeller


We have a huge variety of high converting offers available on CPA/CPC/CPL/CPM basis mostly for the UK, but also ES, DE, IT.

Please sign up:

Ping me on skype and i'll have you approved.
Skype: elmar.natexo


Elmar Denz

Julian PavesiSeller

Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here's contact
So CPMs maybe?

Got qualified traffic ;)

Account Manager UK at Natexo
Mail :
Skype : pavesi.natexo
Tel. : +34

Jurriaan ZeijlemakerSeller

We at Natexo are one of the top market leaders when it comes to lead gen and email marketing and currently we are looking for CPM campaigns to launch for the DUTCH MARKET ( we can also accept CPL and CPC campaigns if the CR is really good). The verticals include e-Commerce, Sweepstakes, Holiday/travel, Banking and Insurance and much more.

Please contact me at jurriaan.natexo or send me an email to if you want to us to monetize ur ad inventory!

Jules Van VelthuysenBuyer


I am looking Publishers who can push our offers in The netherlands

we have offers on Tech, Shopping, Coupons, holiday travel etc..

If you have HQ Traffic in NL don't hesitate to contact me by mail: or for a more fluent conversation by Phone +34 93 54 70 394 and skype vanvelthuysen.natexo

Sarin BalasanianBuyer

Hey guys!

We specialise in making revenue out of databases in several markets such us: in AU, NL, BE, ES.
We have edge cutting technology and warm up strategy that helps us activate your databases quickly and make money from the first month.

Plz contact me if u have live data database for AU, NL, BE and ES

skype: sarine.natexo
Telephone: +34

V. BuikemaBuyer

Hi all,

Natexo is looking for traffic for a CPC campaign (travel) in NL and BENL.

Contact me if you are interested:

Have a good day


Natexo has more than 10 years experience in email marketing - number 1 in europe - experts at what we do.

Looking for new email lists and email databases to monetize on revshare basis. We do all the set up and work and each month you receive 50% of the revenue generated in exchange for your data. You can check the status of the list/database whenever you want on our platform. You can see in REAL TIME how much money you're earning.

We are currently looking to monetize traffic in AU, ES, FR, IT & PL. Ping me on skype for more information and discuss possible collaboration.

Skype: cleary.natexo

Stevani SusantoBuyer

Looking for Australian email traffic to promote our campaigns to on CPL and CPC basis. Comment with your contact details below (or contact me at if you are based in APAC and have Australian email traffic!

Jurriaan ZeijlemakerBuyer

We at Natexo are looking for traffic in the: AU, NL and UK market for Email campaigns with high payouts.
What we offer is high qualitative campaigns in these GEOs.
We reach the best results in combination with your Database!

Do you have traffic on CPC and CPL basis and are you interested in doing business with us, please contact us on the following accounts:

Skype: chems.natexo


Hello All,

I'm currently looking for emailing traffic. I have several performing campaigns for different Latin American countries and Spain in CPM, CPC and CPL.

Please contact me if you manage databases in these countries and you are interested.


Skype: losada.natexo

Sarin BalasanianSeller

We are looking for affiliation emailing campaigns for Australian, Netherland , Belgium and Spanish Market. Please contact me if you have CPL ,CPM OR CPC campaigns. We are also looking for databases to monetize on revenue share basis for this countries.

Skype: sarine.natexo
Phone: +34

Ewelina GogolaBuyer

If you have PL email databases and you don’t know what to do to gain profit from it without spending time and money, we propose you to increase your revenues with our databases monetization program on revenue share basis 50/50.
Please contact me:

Jules Van VelthuysenBuyer

Looking For Traffic in UK


I am looking for Publishers who can push our offers in The UK

we have offers on Tech, Shopping, Coupons, etc..

If you have HQ Traffic in UK don't hesitate to contact me by mail: or for a more fluent conversation by Phone +34 93 54 70 394 and skype vanvelthuysen.natexo


Hi everyone,

As Natexo, we are looking for campaigns that we can promote on display basis (CPC, CPL) for Australian market!

Feel free to contact me over or through Skype: baris.natexo

Looking forward to working with you!


Ewelina GogolaBuyer

Natexo, leading company in e-mail marketing is looking for PL email traffic for our exclusive campaigns on CPC, CPL, CPM model.

Please reach me out on Skype: live:gogola.tazmedia or mail:


Alessia ZuccoBuyer

Hello all! I am looking for Italian database traffic for our email marketing campaigns.

Contact me on Skype: alessia.natexo_1
Contact me via email:

Jessica CorradiSeller


If you run CPC, CPL, C2L, CPM campaigns for the Italian market, we have great traffic to offer ->
2 million active users and good conversion.

What categories are we specifically looking for?
Credit, forex, sweepstakes, surveys, but also service campaigns, as energy, telephony, insurance...

Ping me on skype at: jessica.natexo
or email:

Andrea CaprilesSeller

Hello there!

Need AU top converting HQ emaling traffic for your casino, dating, coupons and crypto offers? I have it for you!

Contact me so we can start planning:

skype rosa.natexo

Natexo is a performance email marketing expert with over 10 years in the field, we work with the top players wordlwide. We are a french firm with offices in poland, australia, italy, france and Spain.

Sarin BalasanianSeller

Natexo is one of the top market leaders when it comes to lead gen and email marketing and we are currently looking for CPM campaigns for the SPANISH MARKET to launch ( we can also accept CPC and CPL campaigns if the CR is really good). Verticals include e-commerce, sweeps, Holiday/travel, Banking and Insurance and much more . Please contact me at sarine.natexo or send me an email to if you want to us to monetize ur ad inventory!

Mariëtte KoleSeller

Hello Everyone,

Natexo has great quality traffic for the UK market and I am looking for good campaigns to shoot on this traffic!

Are you interested in Natexo´s traffic and can you offer great UK campaigns, then please contact me and lets work together!

Skype: mariette.natexo


I am currently looking for database in CO, CL, MX and BR, to Monetize in Revshare basis.

Please feel free to contact me on skype at pardo.natexo

Julian PavesiSeller

Hello to all,

Got qualified traffic for UK, several data bases with great volume and open rate, and I'm looking for CPMs to shoot.

Contact me if you want to do business.


Julián Pavesi.

Sarin BalasanianSeller

Hey guys! We are searching for cool CPC and CPM mailing campaigns for the Spanish market. We can offer you an exposure to more than 2M users in Spain, high open rates and a HQ targeted and segmented traffic. Contact me for branded CPMS and CPC campaigns and we will offer you excellent services!

Skype: sarine.natexo

Yann DarmonBuyer


I am looking for US email traffic for our offers. Please contact me: darmon@natexo

Let's chat!