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PlatformLead Ads
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Direct Advertisers should contact me if you have Direct offers on CPL, CPA, CPI basis. Kindly connect with me via skype: idris.platformlead

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If you have quality Traffic on CPL CPI and CPA basis, kindly connect with me via Skype (omotoso.pl)

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As I speak, we have over 10 verticals that is working well for us on PLATFORMLEAD and i believe we can make more CA$H together if you give us the QUALITY TRAFFIC on CPL CPI and CPA basis. Feel free to hit me on Skype: Omotoso.pl so we can get started.


I am looking for direct advertisers for our CPA/CPI/CPL HQ Traffics
Connect with me on
Email: brightchikwendu@digitalraves.com
Skype: brightdigitalraves

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With the best offers on point, you are on top of the GAME. PlatformLead is there to recommend you the best of the offers that will make you be on top of the GAME.
Connect with me and let us have a good chat via Skype: affiliate.platform for more details.

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If you have QUALITY TRAFFIC for our campaigns on CPL CPI CPA and CPC models, feel free to get in touch via Skype: (affiliate.platformlead). I am sure we can make more cash together.

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Are you looking for incent traffic in DE, FR & IT, Kindly connect with me on Skype: ajibola.tlims and or via email ajibola@platformlead.com to get started

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Do you have traffic Pin Submit/ Mobile Subscription/ Sweepstakes .
We have exclusive campaigns available for the following geos:

Add me on skype to get set up: platformlead.

What are you waiting for?

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This is the best time to run our TOP OFFERS on CPL CPA and CPI basis. Currently we have EXCLUSIVE BINARY/FOREX Offers with the BEST PAYOUT. Connect with me now on Skype: affiliate.platformlead for we to get started.

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Don't look elsewhere for Traffic.
For E-commerce, Games, Financial offers- Tax, Insurance, Loans & Payday, PlatformLead is the right place to go... let's connect via email/Skype: ajibola@platformlead.com

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Hi Everyone,

Premium Email traffic available for IN, GCC, CA, SG, DE on performance basis. CPL/CPLA.

Connect with me if you have good offers. Direct Advertiser only!.

Skype: ajibola.tlims
Email: ajibola@platformlead.com

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Do you have quality traffic for FOREX/BINARY Offers on CPL basis? If yes, kindly reach out to me on Skype (omotoso.pl) so we can get started.

We work on NET Terms

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Smart Move to your Business with your Quality Traffic. i am so glad to introduce you to a great Opportunities here at PlatformLead. We have Good converting offer with greats payout . Why don't you signup up to our Network an start making cool $$$

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Hi, I'm looking for High Quality traffic for offers on CPA,CPI,CPL basis with exclusive pay out. I will like you to connect with me via skype{kayode@platformlead.com}

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Do you have HQ traffic on CPA, CPI, CPL basis? Platformlead Network is here with some exclusive offers and a good pay out connect me on skype {kayode@platformlead.com}

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Here in PlatformLead Network, we can help you tune your traffic to good cash with our high paying offers.
Connect with me on Skype(kayode@platformlead.com) for a chat.

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Give me a list of the OFFERS you need and i will go fetch them for you if you have got the BEST and HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC on CPA, CPI and CPL basis.

Contact me now and let us get started.
S: Affiliate.platformlead
E: Affiliate@platformlead.com

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If i were you, i would go for the most CONVERTING OFFERS/CAMPAIGNS with high pay out. You can achieve this if you have a good relationship with your Affiliate Manager who will recommend TOP CAMPAIGNS available in the Market. I am readily available for you at any time to help you with good and exciting OFFERS/CAMPAIGNS. Connect with me via Skype @ Affiliate.platformlead
E: Affiliate@platformlead.com.

Thank you (smile)!

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I need Affiliates with good and high quality traffic to run my Exclusive Offers. Contact me via Skype: Affiliate.platformlead

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Are you looking for PIN SUBMIT OFFERS? If YES, you can connect with GEORGE on Skype to get started. Come over to me and let us make this cash together (wink)...

Skype: Affiliate.platformlead
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Do you have traffic for Lead Generating campaign such as Loans & Payday, Insurance and Sweepstakes.

Let's get to work. connect with me via Skype: ajibola.pl or email: ajibola@platformlead.com



I need exclusive offers with good payout for out HQ Traffics, you can count on me for more money.
Contact. E: brightchikwendu@digitalraves.com and S: brightdigitalraves

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Are you a publisher? Do you have high quality traffic? We've got great offers for you with high conversion payout. Hit me up on skype and let's have a tete a tete.
Skype ID: Victoria.platformlead

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Checkout our top performing offers, so you don't miss out.
Our payout is exciting and our payment threshold is flexible. Let us cooperate and turn your traffic into some $$$. Contact me on skype: kenneth.platformlead

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Hit me up to get set up

skype: platformlead

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Get paid daily for promoting flash player download
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Do you have traffic for Health & Beauty/ Diet offers?
Connect with me for quick chat
Skype: platformlead

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We are looking for an Affiliate Manager who can work remotely. Here are the other requirements:

•Must be able to work remotely from home

• Using various tools along with industry press to identify publishers with good potential discuss possible partnership & on-board them to the network
• Deal with incoming international publisher leads/inquiries from local markets and Client Services

• Regularly chat, Skype call or meet in person with publishers, present solutions through meetings and calls to publishers.

Contact: admin@platformlead or skype: platformlead

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Do you have insurance traffic? kindly contact me via Skype: platformlead or email. mike.d@platformlead.com

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Let's help monetize you traffic with high converting offers...the sure way of increasing your revenue.

Pind me on skype: platformlead