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Revcontent Ads
Paul GraySeller

CHECK US OUT - It will NOT disappoint!

When you are ready to connect, you can reach me at -
Skype - paulrevcontent

Tyler ChoiniereBuyer

Revcontent has just signed on 3 huge new advertisers who are looking for mainstream Native and Push traffic across all Geos!

Let us help you monetize your traffic through our massive network of advertisers.

Can integrate through JS Tags or API (XML and Json)

We work through a very generous revshare to help build a partnership

Fell free to reach out to me @

Or on Skype:

Let's start increasing your revenue!

Paul GraySeller

IDG GROUP - PC world, techadvisor etc

Massive traffic available for suitable tech offers!

Hit me up to discover how we can get you massive scale!

Paul GraySeller

2 year deal! The likes of PC World etc.

Massive Traffic, perfect for all types of offers and advertisers wanting to gain access to the UK's best traffic!

Paul GraySeller

Huge global push traffic available!!

Tier 1/2/3 all broken out, cheap prices with huge volume!

Ping me to find out more - paulrevcontent on Skype or

Paul GraySeller

High quality, premium traffic available. Forbes, MSN, Breitbart, CBS, etc

Lets have a conversation, we also provide huge monetisations for websites and apps, a lot of $$$$$

My skype - paulrevcontent


Set it and forget it with Revcontent’s new Auto Boost type. Using your CPA goal, Revcontent’s Auto Boost algorithm will automatically target and calculate bids for placements on widgets that will keep your boost profitable. As you serve on our network, our algorithm learns how YOUR content performs, and adapts your targeting automatically.


Interested In Native or Simply After Traffic... Want To Hear About Revcontent's Latest Releases and Opportunities? Lets Meet! My Skype: paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

Native traffic from thousands of publishers across the globe. Sources such as MSN, Breitbart, Newsweek etc.

Check them out and then add me on Skype to discuss more - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

Revcontent is a good place to start! Use my knowledge to give you a kick start!

All geos, get clicks for a tenth of a cent, virtually all verticals.

My Skype - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

Hey All,

100% of our advertisers are Brands, Media Buyers and Affiliate Marketers.

World Wide Inventory - over 10 Billion Impressions per day.

Top End Fraud Detection Technology

Traffic sold on vCPM, and CPC

Traffic Fully Transparent
Biggest publishers in the world such as Forbes, Reuters, Newsweek etc
Native Ads
User Engagement
Arbitrage Traffic

Accepted Verticals:
Almost everything apart from Adult
Lead Generation
Downloads & mobile installs
Mobile Content
Forex & Binary
Casino & Gambling

Conversions Tools for

Using many macros for tracking

Simple Dashboard

For more details:
Skype - paulrevcontent

Hit Me Up If You Have Any Questions? :)


Paul GraySeller

Want help to dominate Native platforms like REVCONTENT

I can help with some major insight!

Hit me up to find out more

Paul GraySeller

Native traffic from over 13,000 sites worldwide (350 billion ad impressions a month)

Skype - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

Stop targeting publishers and start targeting the interested people!

CPC only, huge premium traffic! Get in EARLY before anyone else! All verticals.

Add me on Skype!

Paul GraySeller

All Verticals (Not Adult) - If you have CPC/PPC campaigns and want a shed load of traffic, add me on skype!


Paul GrayBuyer

If you have CPC/PPC campaigns and want a shed load of traffic, add me on skype!

Paul GraySeller

Hit me up for traffic from here!

skype - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

Add me on Skype - paulrevcontent

Worldwide Traffic - Content Recommendation

Get traffic from the likes of Forbes,,
IBTimes etc.

Paul GraySeller

Performance Network!
Worldwide Traffic!
Major Conversions available!

Paul GraySeller

CPC Native AD Network, we deliver premium traffic worldwide!

Huge Volume and Growing FAST!

To find out more, my Skype - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

Massive traffic to exploit and huge volume available for all those great offers/campaigns!

Add me on skype - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

Traffic is from the world's top Alexa ranked sites!
Forbes, IDG Group, Reuters, Spectator, Talk Sport etc
200+ Billion Ad Impressions Worldwide
Mobile/Desktop & Tablet

Paul GraySeller

Self Serve System
Worlds Top Alexa Ranked Sites
Premium Traffic
Optimize to SCALE

Hit me up!

Paul GraySeller

BIG Affiliates with SKIN, DIET, ED etc Required

Access Our Massive Premium World Wide Traffic.

Hit me up - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

All verticals! CPC Only

Big Budgets! Top Publishers such as

My Skype is - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

My Skype - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

200 Billion Ad Impressions a Month - Reuters, Forbes, Newsweek, NBC, FOX, Talk Sport etc. There if you want it, why not test.... Red Bull, Capital One, Experian are just a tiny amount of the worlds biggest brands using our platform!!!! My Skype - paulrevcontent

Paul GraySeller

AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE TRAFFIC, CPC Campaigns where people target their CPA/CPL/CPI's. Billions of ad impressions available a month!

Hit me up if you want to find out more!

Skype - paulrevcontent