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Hello guys
I am looking for tags ( StreamRail preferably ) at the price of
6.5 - 7$ medium and
7.5-9$ large players
tier 1 only.

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Hello guys,

We are looking for quality desktop pre roll traffic, med large player on Cpm basis ( around 3-5$) . Please get in touch with me if you have available inventory.

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Hello everyone.

We are selling high volumes of HQ pop traffic. Ping me if interested.

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Hello all, we have our own SSP and looking for partners to integrate via OpenRTB protocol. Please ping me if interested ( no tag based integration please ).

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Hello all, we are looking for strong JS demands. Quality traffic, WW geos, mulitple sites, both revshare and fix cpm. Feel free to ping me anytime on skype or e-mail.

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Hello all,
we are selling high amounts of video traffic both for desktop and mobile on cpm basis (no CPI CPA CPL etc) Ping me if you are interested


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Hi guys, ping me if you need desktop banner traffic on CPM or rev share models. All geos.

skype: natalie.mainstream

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Looking for demand partners to sell my display traffic - standard banners 300x250, 729x90, 160x600. Campaigns needed ASAP!!!

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Hi guys, we are selling desktop banner and pre roll trffic as well as mobile web video ! Ping me if needed!

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Hello guys, CpmRevenue is restarting to sell banner inventory along with our video traffic. If you need display traffic on cpm basis feel free to ping me ASAP


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Hi guys, we are selling video traffic (both desktop and mobile web) from multiple sites on CPM model only. ONLY VIDEO, no banners, pop up/under etc. Please ping me if interested

skype natalie.mainstream