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Ecomobi Ltd Ads
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Hi all

I'm Jane, Business Development from Ecomobi - an affiliate network which focus in APK offer, traffic non-incent
We have 500+ offer APK in IN/ ID/ Br/ VN like 9app- realtime; 5Xvideo- realtime- IN; Android Store- IN/ID
We want to find some partner who own mobile non-incent traffic for our exclusive offer
More detail. please don't hesitate to contact me at Skype: jane.ecomobi
Mail: quynhdt@ecomobi.com

Thanks a lot !

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Hi all !

I'm jane come from Ecomobi , a Singapore premium network specialize in APK offer.
High payout, stability system, clear payment.
We are looking for publishers or traffic onwer in India for our exclusive APK

If you 're intertested in, please feel free to contact me at quynhdt@ecomobi.com or add my skype jane.ecomobi
Hope for co-operate !

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Hi all!

I'm Jane, account manager come from Ecomobi, a platform which connect advertiser and publisher.

Building by well - experienced leaders in affiliate network, we own large quality mobile traffic in Brazil - India - Indonesia - Nigeira - Africa - Malaysia
Our volume can be at least 5000 CPI per day .

We 're interested in CPI Offer, especially APK Offer. And trafffic source comes from our publisher in these nations.

If you 're interested, please feel free to add my skype: jane.ecomobi so we can discuss further.