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Adorika Media Group Ads
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HUGE AMOUNT of traffic in our strong GEOs!!!!!
Skype:nataly.adorika or nataly.g@adorika.com

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Nataly.adorika or @: nataly.g@adorika.com

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We`re looking for premium partners to sell/buy video traffic on Desktop and Mobile in Tier 1(English speaking countries)
We are working on fixed CPM bases, offering high fill rates and we can guarantee premium content and branded campaigns.

Feel free to contact me:
Skype: live:yana.adorika
Email: yana.r@adorika.com

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Working directly with publishers from all over the world.
Good rates,high quality, long partnership.
All models are considering for the cooperation!
All verticals!

Hurry up to contact us:

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Ready to help get super HQ traffic!!!
Mobile Streaming
MobileWeb/Mobile content
Mobile In-app



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Super rates and best conditions!!Huge amount of traffic in ES!!!


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Adorika Media welcomes you!

We are an innovative digital advertising company that provides our clients with mobile, display and SMS-traffic.
We work with different kinds of online ad models that make benefit for advertisers all over the world.

To clarify details, please contact me

Skype live:tinadorika
Mobile +38 (099) 748-15-39
Email tinak@adorika.com
Website http://www.adorika.com/


We are selling HQ traffic (SMS, mobile, desktop)
- all over the world
- our own adserver
- great personalized Opt-in database for SMS traffic.

Interested? Let me know at: daniello@adorika.com
or skype me at: live:danieladorika@gmail.com


Indian summer offer is drawing to a close!
Hurry up to pump-up your campaigns with SMSs in UK GEO.
The last chance to run your SMS campaign for $10CPM only!
Skype me @: live:danieladorika@gmail.com


The greatest double opted-in SMS database ever!
Highest CTRs the industry has to offer!
Specific groups targeting!
For more info and this magic traffic Skype me at: live:danieladorika@gmail.com

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Hot limited offers for our SMS traffic with CPM model in some Tier1 countries as follows:
USA - $15;
Canada - $10;
United Kingdom - $10;
Australia - $15;
Ireland - $15.
Reach me if interested via Skype: live:danieladorika


$7CPM for Greece - limited offer
Skype me at: live:danieladorika@gmail.com

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High quality+Best rates+super conditions!

Hurry up: @: nataly.g@adorika.com | Skype: nataly.adorika

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Feel free to contact.
skype: tatiana.adorika
e-mail: tatiana.d@adorika.com

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I will be happy to discuss the details over the e-mail or skype.
@: nataly.g@adorika.com | Skype: nataly.adorika

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Super opportunity!!!Best rates!!!

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SMS traffic available World Wide! High-Quality and great results!
Don't miss such opportunity to test such traffic!!
nataly.g@adorika.com nataly.adorika

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AMAZING TRAFFIC for your GAMBLING offers WW!!! EURO 2016!! LET's win together!

HURRY UP to get super traffic for your gambling offers!!!

Traffic from our own ad-server, directly from publishers all over the world!!!

EMAIL: nataly.g@adorika.com

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Let's start business together!!!
For your campaigns are available VIDEO and Mobile traffic all over the world!!!


I will be happy to discuss the details over the e-mail or skype.
@: nataly.g@adorika.com | Skype: nataly.adorika

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Best Rates+Good support+Quality!!!

Let's make a business together!!!
Our Mobile Traffic will deliver for your campaigns great results all over the world!
CPM/dCPM/CPL/CPA basis!!!
Mobile content,gambling, game , sweepstake, finance vertical!!!!

Waiting for your campaigns!
Skype:nataly.adorika or nataly.g@adorika.com