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George MSeller

Greetings! I'm George from Clickadu AD Network
We are actively developing and expanding our geography, regularly including new sources of high-quality traffic. 220+ geos covered atm.

We have:
- Direct traffic sources,
- Up to 4B+ impr/daily
- Advanced targeting and real-time stats,
- Self-Serve Platform with CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, SmartCPA or dedicated managers,
- Unique IT bot and fraud filtering tools,
- API integration for remote campaign management,
- Real-Time Bidding for networks and big advertisers,
- Ad formats: pop's, pre-rolls, pushups (dialog ads), Search Engine redirect, push-notifications, inpage push with custom skins and banners.

Hit me up via skype live:johnnymin8989, TG - @george_click or e-mail:
Wanna start rollin'? Get an account with us here

George MSeller

Greetings! Due to local regulation we were struggling to set US iGaming industry live, but not any more! If you're running legal betting/lottery/casino brand on US states where it's legal - we have traffic for you!
Clickadu have iGaming open policy and happy to provide an access to our traffic resources.
We can offer 6 ad formats - pop's, push-notifications, inpage push, video, instant text and SE redirect.
Daily numbers are above 50M ad impressions from direct publishers (website owners).

Wanna know more? Hit me up via skype live:johnnymin8989, TG - @george_click or e-mail:
Wanna start rollin'? Get an account here - and hit me up for guidance


Hello friends,

Looking for a profitable Push Sub solution?

Get your link to Clickadu push lander, start sending traffic, earn 80% revenue share from ads sent to your push subscribers.

Eager to learn more? Ping us at:
Skype: live:.cid.571291c5e4017827
Telegram: @KateClickadu


Hello there,
Clickadu team is offering traffic slices that tend to get any hotter. Get quality traffic for Popunders \ Push Notifications by the recommended rates bellow:

BR - 7.3M daily impressions - Average CPM 0.63$

JP - 5.1M daily impressions - Average CPM 0.97$

RO - 1.1M daily impressions - Average CPM 0.76$

Push Notifications
BR - 272K clicks daily - Average CPC $0,004

All the traffic is available in the Self-Serve Platform >>>
For any questions or suggestions ping us at

George MSeller

Finally released, in our SSP, from our own publisher's base - push-notifications are here to use!
eCPM from 0.01$
eCPC from 0.003$
200+ countries
1+B daily volume
Business models - CPM, SmartCPA
Join the party - register now
and let me know, that you want to run push traffic with us.
Hit me up via skype live:johnnymin8989 or e-mail:


Looking for some huge popunder traffic slices? Clickadu has something for you to offer:

FR - Android - $0.5
FR - iOS - $0.5
DE - Android - $0.2
DE - iOS - $0.2
SA - iOS - $0.5
ZA - Android $0.4

Where to get it? Right from the Self-Serve Platform >>>

Ping for more info.


In case you want your resting time to be productive and profitable we suggest you take a look at our Friday feature of a ‘Weekend HOT traffic slices’.

BR - 6.2M daily - CPM $0.5
DE - 1.9M daily - CPM $1.29
TR - 1.8M daily - CPM $0.49
ES - 650K daily - CPM $1.05

Push Notification

IN - 367M daily - CPM $0.01 (CPC $0.001)
VN - 178M daily - CPM $0.01 (CPC $0.002)
BR - 157M daily - CPM $0.01 ( CPC $0.003)

These traffic volumes and rates are available for you in the Clickadu Self-Serve Platform:


How to distribute traffic on Weekends?

Clickadu has decided to launch a new Friday feature of a ‘Weekend HOT traffic slices’ as they promise to be really productive this weekend.

What have we got for you this Friday? It’s time to tipping our hand:

IN - Popunder - 26M daily - $0.44

DE - Popunder - 1.8M daily - $0.90

CH - Popunder - 160K daily - $2.93

VN - Push Notifications - 179M daily - $0.07

BR- Push Notifications - 146M daily - $0.01

ID - Push Notifications - 94M daily - $0.01

All the volumes are already available for you in the Self-Serve Platform >>>
The slices should change until the next weekend so do not miss it and stay tuned us for the updates.


Clickadu team is looking for mainstream traffic on Push-up ads. Drive traffic at $1.5 per 1000 impressions on the following GEO:


Sign up here to start:


😏 Sheesh, Clickadu Push Notification traffic is growing stronger in no time. Looking to expand your traffic capacity?

Here's an updated list of the HOT countries with Push Notification CPC traffic:

Saudi Arabia - 33M daily volume - $0,004 CPC
Spain - 29M daily volume - $0,006 CPC
Pakistan - 29M daily volume - $0,001 CPC
United Kingdom - 13M daily volume - $0,01 CPC
Uzbekistan - 7.5M daily volume - $0,008 CPC
United Arab Emirates - 8.5M daily volume - $0,006 CPC

Looking for more GEOs? Watch the posts below ;)

Drive traffic straight out of here:


Clickadu got a lot of High Quality popunder traffic for sale.

ID - 66+ mln impressions daily - CPM $1
IN - 82+ mln impressions daily - CPM $1

Grab it while it's hot!

Ingrid ClickaduSeller

Clickadu is one of the biggest ad networks with a huge inventory of direct HQ traffic WW.

Business models:
• smartCPA
• smartCPM

Ad formats:
• Push-notifications
• Onclick/Popunder
• Instant Text Message
• Video Pre-rolls

• Tools
• Apps
• Soft
• Dating
• Adult games
• Sweepstakes
• Push-subscription offers


If you need high-quality traffic and tons of conversions - feel free to contact me.
Skype - live:.cid.81521499812e7d89
Email -


This time we’d like to offer you something really rare.
The cherry blossom trees are about to bloom and I guess you know what it is 😉

6.6 million daily exclusive Push traffic from Japan is available for you at $0.001 CPC or $0.01 CPM in the Self-Serve Platform 🌸

Need something more than that? We have prepared a new list of big-time traffic slices for Push Notifications.

Iraq - 57M daily volume - $0,001 CPC
Philippines - 34M daily volume - $0,001 CPC
Saudi Arabia - 33M daily volume - $0,004 CPC
Mexica - 33M daily volume - $0,002 CPC
Thailand - 15M daily volume - $0,007 CPC

In need of Push Traffic? Get it at the Self-Serve Platform:


Hello from the Clickadu team!

We have prepared for you a list of TOP-badass countries for Push Notification CPC traffic:

India - 590 000 000 Daily Impressions - $0,001 CPC
VietNam - 133 000 000 Daily Impressions - $0,004 CPC
France - 53 000 000 Daily Impressions - $0,008 CPC
United States - 41 000 000 Daily Impressions - $0,016 CPC
Indonesia - 36 000 000 Daily Impressions - $0,002 CPC
Russia - 62 000 000 Daily Impressions - $0,012 CPC

Need some Push Traffic? All these rates & amounts are available in the Clickadu Self-Serve Platform:

Job Offer

If you're a Czech Republic resident, with a good English, with great insight in the digital marketing then Clickadu team is just for you.
We're looking for:
- Media Buyer (Personal manager for webmasters).
- Media Seller (Personal manager for advertisers).

Ping Maxim Mel for more detailed information.

Telegram: @MaximMeLL


Looking for the LATAM traffic? Well, we have got it for you.

On the Rio Carnival occasion, we drop the price for LATAM countries.
1.4Bln weekly traffic from the direct websites at $0.2 CPM.

How to get? Just sign up here and start driving traffic ->


Hey there from Clickadu team,

Our new ad format lets you show ads to website visitors even when they are not on the website anymore.

Now available for Advertisers with CPM, SmartCPM or SmartCPA pricing models. Minimal test budget for SmartCPA model = $10. Targeting: by type of device, connection type, OS, Proxy.

Main advantages:
- for Push Notifications is $0.01;
- 140Mln daily reach;
- A wide range of offers\verticals are allowed;
- Get subscriptions from Clickadu direct publishers;
- Available on any pricing model (SmartCPC is coming soon);
- Affordable price for quality traffic;
- Dynamic preview and crop of your pre-created message.

Start now =>

Alexa ClickaduSeller is an ad network that has about 250M+ daily HQ WW exclusive traffic from our direct websites.
You may choose between CPM and CPA models, as well as between being managed or self-served with the help of a user-friendly platform.
For any type we ensure detailed targeting, precise stats and good rates.
Let's discuss ways we can work together.
Please feel free to contact me by email or skype.
skype: alexa_4238


Looking for quality Video traffic? Get it at a price of a bubble gum in Clickadu.
Brazil, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam just for $0.1 per 1000 miles.

Interested? You can get it right here:


Two weeks of horror and horrifying low prices for traffic slices for you in the Self-Serve platform this Halloween.

Dear partners,

Buy some Clickadu traffic at the CPM rates below at our Self-Serve Platform >>

Or ask your manager for even bigger discounts.

VN - $0.2 - 9.2M weekly
US - $0.2 - 5.1M weekly
TW - $0.5 - 1.2M weekly
DE - $0.8 - 1M weekly
TH - $0,5 - 650K weekly

IN - $0.2 - 87.3M weekly
BR - $0.8 - 39M weekly
ID - $0.2 - 11.6M weekly
TH - $0.5 - 9.2M weekly
TR - $0.4 - 4.6M weekly

BR - $0.8 - 3.5M weekly
VN - $0.2 - 3.1M weekly
ES - $0.5 - 2.5M weekly
TR - $0.4 - 1.1M weekly
TH - $0.5 - 1M weekly

Looking to buy traffic on Cost Per Action model? Try out our new SmartCPA feature >>



Have you had time to enjoy the Brazilian beer festival in Blumenau? We hope you are!
Nevertheless, we have some special for you: get a discount on the Brazilian traffic slices below:

BR - Android - 44M weekly - $0.8
BR - iOS - 3M weekly - $0.8

Buy some Clickadu traffic at the CPM rates above at our Self-Serve Platform =>
Or ask your manager for even bigger discounts.


Is there anything else Clickadu team can offer to surprise you?
What about SmartCPA is back in the Self-Serve Platform? We glad to announce that It’s back and wired for you guys to use and have a lot of traffic for you to buy.

Interested? Click here>>>


Today is 'Get to know your customers' day. What could be better to study your customers by offering your services? We have prepared an updated Traffic Slice list with discounts on this special occasion.


VN - $0,2 - 7.1M weekly
US - $0.3 - 3.8M weekly
TW - $0.5 - 1.3M weekly
BR - $0.8 - 1.1M weekly
TH - $0.5 860K weekly


IN - $0.2 - 50.1M weekly
BR - $0.8 - 48M weekly
VN - $0.8 - 21.1M weekly
TH - $0.5 - 14.4M weekly
EG - $0.4 - 9.9M weekly


US - $0.2 - 5.3M weekly
BR - $0.8 - 3M weekly
VN - $0.2 - 1.7M weekly
TW - $0.5 - 1.5M weekly
EG - $0.4 - 750K weekly

Bids mentioned above are for CPM pricing model.
To buy traffic please contact our manager Helena:

Skype: live:helena_3945


Why Ads looks so colorful and weird and yet so damn creative when it comes to Japanese advertising industry?

I suggest it’s creating a magical connection and awareness to the audience, but who knows for sure? Still, a PRO in the digital marketing knows how to pull all the strings.

If you’re looking for high-quality Japanese mobile traffic for your offers - we know where to get it and we can offer a fair price for you:

1mln impressions daily - $1.5 per mile

JP Android
500K impressions daily - $1.5 per mile

This traffic is running from the exclusive publisher so you need to contact us to get it.

Ping us via or


Howdy folks,

Looking for an endless source of 🇺🇲️ US popunder traffic? We’re glad to announce that Clickadu is launching a ‘Good Ol’ American’ traffic sale.
The good ol’ American traffic as familiar to us as a buck, an apple pie, stars&stripes, and jeans.

10Mln impressions daily of quality popunder traffic is waiting for you at the generous cost: $1,5 CPM both for mobile and desktop.

Where to get it? Right over here =>

Never heard of us? Visit our main page for more detailed info:


Clickadu offer 2 traffic plans for SKIMMED traffic!

✅ Choose "Junior" only for $10 daily and get 10K impressions in Germany, India, USA, and China.

✅ An advanced “Startup” for $30 daily will provide you with 30K traffic from Turkey, France, and Canada additionally.

Hurry up to get them! For any questions contact


Still looking for profitable video traffic monetization? Clickadu will buy your traffic at a reasonable cost:

AT - $0.91
CH - $0.9
DE - $0.86
NO - $0.62
AU - $0.6
CA - $0.57

More sweet CPM available.
Click here to monetize:
For any questions or suggestions please contact