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Additional Media
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Daren MangerSeller

Additional Media is a well-established UK based PPC network. Through our bespoke ad network and from Partnering with comScore, IAS and Protected Media. We work with a large number of digital agencies that require performance based CPC campaigns. Over the last 10 years we have also been helping our video portal based clients, as well as news and vertical specific Publishing houses increase the number of (qualified) new users interacting with different pages of the relevant sites, as well as viewing video/display and native ads across there different sites in the UK, USA and Europe. I am very confident that we can achieve a great model that works in a number of ways including:
1. Increasing the number of users interacting with your site
2. Increasing the number ad views, video ad views & ad clicks your advertisers see
3. Increasing the advertising revenue and profitability
Skype darenmanger for more details.