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Mpire Network Ads
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You have a nutra offer? Straight Sale?

I have traffic!

Let's talk and make lots of $$$

skype: Stephen.Mpire

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I have a lot of traffic for mobile offers in Sri Lanka.

Let me know what you have and let's partner up.

message me on Skype: stephen.mpire

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I have calls for your call centre, many different verticals. Tech Support, Solar, Drug Rehab.

Let me know if you have any Desktop Installs for PC Optimization, PC Speed Up.

Let's talk and get $tarted today!

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I have calls for National Student Debt, National Student Loan Consolidation!

Message me now and let's get you calls today!

Skype: stephen.mpire

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You need calls?

I've got them!

skype me: stephen.mpire

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Your call center needs Mac or Windows Tech Support calls.

I have calls for both Mac and Windows at high durations with a very consistent flow.

msg me on skype and let's get your center full of calls TODAY!

skype: stephen.mpire

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You have a call center that needs calls?

I have tech support calls that need to be answered!

message me on skype: stephen.mpire and let's get busy today!

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We all know what happened last week with Retreaver going down.

You need calls. I have them!

High quality with high average duration.

Consistent Flow

Message me on skype: stephen.mpire

get calls today!

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I can fill any CC amount with high quality, long duration calls.

High RPC, get your agents busy NOW!

Skype me: stephen.mpire

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Looking for Casual Dating/Adult PPCall PayPerCall campaigns.

Hit me up on Skype: stephen.mpire

Let's talk and get you plenty of calls today!

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Leading Performance Marketing Company here to help drive traffic to your Call Centre!

Let me know about your offer and we can make sure you're getting TOP $$$!

All GEOs Accepted!