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darriens | smart tech • brillant results Ads
Priyancaa JainBuyer

Mobile Content Offer
Country - AU (australia)
Carrier - Optus
1 Click flow
Payout 4 USD
All kind of traffic is allowed.

Mateo Lopez RendonSeller

+ Pop Under & Banner Ads HQ traffic
+ Access to world wide Inventory
+ Exclusive Publishers

We enable Advertisers, Ad Networks & Agencies to access global reach, combining cross-screen audiences through mobile, video and web ads.

√ Multiple Targeting Capabilities
√ CPM & CPC Intelligent pricing floor
√ Real-time performance at scale
√ White & black listing
√ Viewability
√ Brand safe
√ 24/7 Support
√ Cross-screen programmatic
√ WhiteLabel Solution

Augusto DarriensSeller

Our DSP provides access to billions of impressions from top quality sites, apps, marketplaces and exchanges, all through a simple, easy to use self-service platform that provides tons of useful decision-making data and insights, thanks to a deep level of reporting and analytics.

Please contact me if you are interested via Skype (a.ghigliotti) or email