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Alex KBuyer

Heya! we are progressive company what buy RTB supply and direct link traffic NET7 best payments terms in market for all partners! All geo need.

Ping us :

Sype: live:.cid.66e0c0f42a357fe3
Telegram: @trafficmonstersltd

P.S we not accept Adkernel platform traffic and any bot traffic. Only HQ traffic.

Alex KSeller

Heya! Trafficmonsters sell direct HQ popunder traffic on Tier1 geos on CPM model. All Geo.

feel free and send message if need.

**Self Service Prepayments Only**

Sype: live:.cid.66e0c0f42a357fe3
Telegram: @trafficmonstersltd

Alex KSeller

Heya! We a progressive network what sell tech support adult traffic Popunder/Push on CPM/CPC top geo US/CA/AU/UK/FR we have huge amount of EDGE/CHROME Traffic.

Min Deposit just 100$

Contact :
Sype: live:.cid.66e0c0f42a357fe3
Telegram: @trafficmonstersltd

Alex KSeller

Heya! we sell direct push -native-popunder traffic , best quality on market , easy setup , min deposit just 50$ , start get best from best.

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We work with this offers

Binary options

Br. Alex