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Hello guys,

We have a incentive for new affiliates at iMailo; you can win a golden ticket for a weekendtrip to Bucharest.

iMailo will take the first 5 affiliates who will generate more than 25 FTD's between now and the 15th of February on a legendary trip to Bucharest!

We will pay for your flight, hotel, dinners and explore the nightlife of Bucharest together with you. The trip is will be from Friday the 7th of April till Sunday the 9th of April.

So register yourself add iMailo or at me on Skype (mniesthoven_imailo) and let’s do business together!

Greetings, Mark

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Looking for worldwide CPL traffic for forex and binary campaigns. Also CPA is possible.

Please feel free to ping me on Skype: mniesthoven_imailo

Note : Only on CPL / CPA and no CPC / CPM traffic!

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We can offer extensive traffic (display, email and Social). Very interested in IVR / Pin Submits campaigns in the GEO France.

Please add me on skype: ebodde_imailo or send me an email e.bodde@imailo.com

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for direct publishers in AU on CPL and CPC basis!

No prepay, No CPM

Add me on Skype: kvanderhelm_imailo


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Looking for leads / traffic for our exciting Forex campaigns in mutiple countries. The pixel is fired after lead information is filled in.

Highest CPL's in the market!

Please add me on skype to discuss: ebodde_imailo

No prepayment and no CPM's!

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Looking for mail traffic for our exciting Pin Flow campaigns in the UK!

For more information, please ping me on Skype: ebodde_imailo

Exclusive 4th quarter Promotion for new Publishers:
Reach €5000 worth of approved sales/leads in 30 days and receive an iPhone 7 or other Smartphone of your choosing!

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Looking for all kind of non-incentivised traffic for Health and Diet campaigns promoting on CPA base!

For more information, please ping me on Skype: mniesthoven_imailo

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We have a lot of traffic for casino campaigns! Please contact us if you have direct casino offers!
affiliate@imailo.com or

Skype: k.vanderhelm@imailo.com

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Searching for quality (e-mail)traffic in NL and SE for Forex campaign on CPL basis: (€20,00 per lead!). Conversion is excellent and pay-out is before the (sales-)call, so really for lead information!

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Looking for traffic for a finance offer of Cashper in Poland. Offer is on CPL base.

You can add me on Skype: mniesthoven_imailo

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Looking for traffic for a finance offer of VIABUY prepaid credit cards in UK. Offer is on CPA base.

You can add me on Skype: mniesthoven_imailo