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Yeahmobi Ads
Winnie OuyangSeller

1. 40+ ad exchanges, including Mopub, Nexage, Pubmatic, Inneractive, Clickky, Bizzclick, Smartyads, Adview, Mobfox, Smaato, Airpush and so on.

2. Various targeting dimensions on our platform, including Ad exchange, Geos, carrier and so on

3. Display ads and JS tag available, as well as pop up and pop under

4. CPM basis, but we have automatic rules by which you can exclude sites/APPs by CPC/CPA/CR/income etc.

5. Self-serive

Anyone who is interested in our traffic, please contact me here or add me on skype.

My Skype/Email: winnie.ouyang@yeahmobi.com

Sunny YangBuyer

Looking for US traffic with in-house sweep campaigns, if you have good traffic, please contact me anytime by email sunny.yang@yeahmobi.com. Weekly payment!!!!

晨馨 梁Seller

Large HQ traffic form Yeahmobi
We are looking for high-quality offers and we have lots of traffic what you are expecting.

Yeahmobi aims to help mobile apps, mobile games and E-businesses stretch their reach and acquire new customers. We would like to supply high-class services and satisfy your needs.
We need to do prepayment.
For more details please contact:
Skype: chencyliang
email: chency.liang@yeahmobi.com

Sunny YangBuyer

We are looking for traffic for our in-house sweep offers, if you have traffic, please ping me by skype: sunnyyeahmobi.


Sunny YangBuyer


I am looking for CPL traffic for Insurance, sweepstake offers with higher payout and flexible payment terms. Please feel free to contact me on Skype: sunnyyeahmobi

Winnie OuyangSeller

1. Self-served DSP: run and optimize campaigns all by yourself;

2. 40+ banner ADXes, including Mopub, Pubmatic, Nexage, Mobfox, Smaato, etc;

3. Pop up/under traffic- admaven and easymob doing well in many geos;

4. Various targeting dimensions: Ad exchange, Geos, carrier and so on;

5. Banner, JS tag, pop, video traffic are all available.

Ping me: skype/email:

Sunny YangBuyer

This is Sunny from Yeahmobi, we are looking for pubs who have mobile traffic with the Middle East, such as SA, JO, IR, IQ and PK. Some campaigns are 0 click flow, if you have mobile traffic with these GEO, please feel free to contact me on Skype(sunnyyeahmobi).