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admitad Ads
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We are looking for traffic for DIRECT& EXCLUSIVE offers( all geos)

Admitad connects thousands of satisfied customers across the globe.
We established itself on the CPA market. With the help of advanced behavioral targeting
technologies and data processing you'll feel safe and be sure that everything works in the right
way, because Admitad GmbH keeps up with the time.

- High quality offers with direct advertisers
- Quick payouts
- API Intergration supported
- Target all geos

About your interested direct offers please contact
E-mail: e.xu@admitad.com
SkypeID: live:e.xu_2

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Please contact me if you want to work with the most popular offers in you region.

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Hey there,
we offer the most populer campaigns all over the world!
Please contact me skype: sevil.admitad
Mail: s.kamalova@admitad.com

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Looking for China traffic for online retailers & live broadcast.
All traffic allowed without misdeed.

Ping me on skype or drop me mails!
skype: elisaxu2013
e-mail: elisa.xu@avazu.net

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I am looking for new advertisers for CPI (CPA) games and other apps. We have all geo. (more 500 installs per day). The best geo RU, CIS, USA, EU, TR, IN, BR.

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1. CPI: direct apps like yellow booster, flash keyboard, yellow battery, etc.

2. CPA& CPL: high payout & quantity campaigns

3. developing CN traffic, new campaigns waiting for you

targeting most countries in the world, pay in time

find me on skype: elisaxu2013

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Hey there! Are you lokkind for good offers?

Contact me
skype: sevil.admitad

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Hello dear colleagues!
admitad affılıate company offer you the most popular companies to publishers from İsrael!
Contact me: skype - sevil.admitad
Mail: s.kamalova@admitad.com